J.R. Shaw

James Robert Shaw is a Canadian, born just before my own mum in 1934 and the executive chairman of Shaw Communications, one of the biggest satellite company in Canada. 1.5 billion is his networth and for someone who was raised in a farm, mann!  he definitely did good !  Mr Shaw is a awesome Canadian businessman for continuing his father’s legacy in philanthropy by making sure that the Shaw Foundation is run well.

As a cable pioneer, he has proved to be a very successful entrepreneur and one with a good foresight.  As a result of his business acumen, Shaw Communications is not only a cable company now but a high speed internet, telecommunication company and a home phone company.  J.R Shaw had won many award because of his success in running Shaw Communications.

Susanne Klatten

Now who doesn’t want to be Susanne Klatten right?  She is the richest woman in Germany.  Klatten inherited her wealth from her parents who had shares with BMW and Altana – the biggest pharmaceutical in Germany.  But Klatten didn’t flaunt her wealth at all in fact, she tried to keep her identity a secret even when she met her husband – the engineer in BMW. Although a billionaire Klatten had managed to keep a low profile but continued to be one of the biggest donor for some political party and a Christian organization.

George Quek

For some they measure success with a lot of money but I loved the local success from home especially if it is someone who’ve started their own brand and own business with their own ideas.  And George Quek is one such inspirational person to me because he is from my home town and he is fondly known as the Food Court King.

Back home food courts are very popular and to manage one, you will have to have some skill because it involves getting a lot of cooks together but they are also their own bosses.  George Quek not only manages Food Courts but also is the MD for BreadTalk a well known designer bread shop in Asia.

Born in a humble family, George Quek I read was raised to earn his own keeps and that nothing is free nor does anyone owes anything to him.  Success didn’t come easy for George Quek, in fact, he was a man of many trades before becoming who he is today and he had many setbacks as well but that didn’t stop him from pursuing his dream and being creative.  Under his belt, George Quek had an ice cream business, a bak cho mee business, a chicken rice business, a dragon beard candy business and now of course managing some successful food court as well as Breadtalk.

For all his hard work and challenges, George Quek was awarded the EY Emerging Entrepreneur Of The Year 2006.  Yes, pretty impressive  for our home boy as the BreadTalk group has like  400 bakery outlets in 16 countries and also operates the well known Din Tai Fung restaurants.  Adapting to changes and willing them to his success, that is what I admire about Mr Quek and we all can learn a thing or two from him.

Burt Reynolds


Now who would have thought that famous Burt Reynolds filed for bankruptcy in 1996 right?  I bet it was a wise move and he didn’t get free consultation bankruptcy  like most ordinary people of course.  But by doing so, it protected him from a foreclosure of a $11.2 million debt from both bad real estate investments and a divorce.

But at the age of 77, who would have remembered he filed for bankruptcy and only remembered him for being a famous actor, director and also voice artist.  Reynolds who was married to Loni Anderson, the cop in a tv sitcom back in the 80s was the envy of all men around the world.  Yes, despite filing for bankruptcy and all, Burt Reynolds is a very famous man in his own rights.