The World’s Richest City

Singapore: The World’s Richest City by WSJ_Live

Yes, Siingapore – my home town and my birth place is the World’s Richest City according to Wall Street Journal and rightly so because which city doesn’t have a deficit except Singapore.  The Singapore has a load of back up money in its reserved and even though it is said to be the lowest percentage of crime and corruption, these are not the only reason why the richest flock to Singapore .

So what is the reason – I hear you asking?

One of the main reason must be because of the low taxes on top of that, Singapore is one of the highest tech playground of all times.  From hotels to night clubs to eateries, Singapore has it all.  Hospitals are everywhere , from government aided ones to private ones.  Every high end fashion and retailers are in Singapore, you can find just about everything in Singapore, therefore, Singapore although only a red dot – is the world’s richest city.

Multi-Millionaires Sleep Well

I’ve often wonder how the spouse can just jump into bed and sleeps immediately and mostly sleep well.  I’ve always thought that only multi-millionaires sleep well because what have they got to worry about right?  But I’m sure they are able to sleep well because they are people who give back to the society and are as nonchalant as the spouse when they are home and relaxing.  As for myself, I need a good body pillow to be able to sleep well, so I’m always on a look out for body pillow deals  and get some for the entire family.  I go everywhere with my body pillow even when I’m traveling and or need to go away for the weekend.  I don’t need a pillow for the head but a body pillow is a must.  I loved my body pillow so much that I can sleep without the spouse but not without my body pillow.

Which makes me come back to how multi-millionaires sleep?  do they sleep with body pillows too?  or what makes them sleep so well at night. I’m sure that they buy the most expensive and comfortable bed and pillows to sleep on but I’m sure they do worry about their work and businesses as well.  We are not rich but we do live comfortably, we are no multi-millionaires but to some people we do pretty well, and if you ask me if i sleep well at night, or how do i sleep well at night, I have to say, my body pillow does the trick for me.

Khoo Teck Puat

Khoo Teck Puat was well known for the Goodwood Park Hotel in Singapore, The Standard Chartered Bank as well as the Goodwood Group in London.  Born in 1917 and an estimated wealth of $4.3billion when he passed away. Mr Khoo started his career with the OCBC bank as a bank clerk but quickly got promoted and even became the Chairman for one of the most important government department in Singapore.  He was the Chairman of Central Provident Fund.   As history has it, Mr Khoo left OCBC Bank because of not keeping up with trend of other banks – and not expanding fast enough.  Khoo had 14 kids and of course, the most publicly known one is Eric Khoo the film maker.  Khoo died in 2004 and his children sold most of his majority shares to Temasek Holdings.