Peter Morton


After spending a night out with some friends, the nephew came home wanting a  musical instrument   for Christmas  which got me thinking of Peter Morton the co-founder of Hard Rock Cafe.  Rumor has it that he is dating Demi Moore right now but that wasn’t what intrigue me, what intrigue me most was how Peter Morton started with only one theme restaurant in London now has a Hard Rock Cafe in every country and every city.  And even though he sold his last Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas for $770 million in 2006, he retained the rights to the many Hard Rock Cafe Hotels in many countries.

But Morton is the son of Arnie Morton, the founder of Morton Steakhouse chain and perhaps he had gotten his business acumen from his parents from a young age but this restaurant mogul is not publicly shy to say the least, in fact he had been linked to many movie stars before Demi Moore.

Tadamitsu Matsui

Some may not know who he is but you definitely have heard of the lifestyle brand Muji.  Mr Matsui is the chairman for the Muji brand, who is well known for qualtiy product and simple but yet function-able designs.  Mr Matsui was the one who made the Muji brand profitable again when he took over as chairman in 2001.

At 64 years old, Matsui is still active in traveling for business and has opened its 7th store in Singapore.  Turning around a deficit of 3.8 billion yen to a profit of 162 billion yen in just 5 years is just incredible.  Matsui believed in communication, thus Mujigram was born, for all level of staff to communicate with him and the entire Muji staff.

The funny part of Matsui story is, he graduated as a student with Physical Education as his main stream, so how did this PE graduate become a successful businessman?  does that mean that anything is possible, if you want it so bad?

BB King

BB King is 88 yrs old and he is not only a famous musician, he is also very popular when it comes to blues music and a very well known guitarist.  My nephew was so inspired by his performance that he started taking guitar lessons and bought a case.  King is also known as the top 50 guitarist of all time and inducted in the Hall of Fame for Rock and Roll in 1987.  They don’t call him the King of Blues for nothing – for King never stopped performing even in his 70s – and about 250 – 300 concerts.

The nephew had informed me that King had a different and definite style of guitar that was what intrigue him so much.  King had a hard young life – his father abandoned his family when he was very young but that did not stop King from doing his best in life. And although poor, he was raised in church by her maternal grandmother singing in the choir.  King started playing the guitar at 12 years of age and worked as a tractor driver before he played professionally and the rest they say is history.

King is also a big supporter of Little Kids Rock a non profit organization that provides free musical instruments and instructions for the underprivileged  public schools around USA.

Roy O. Disney

I’m sure we all know who Roy O. Disney was – the name Disney do not escape anyone I’m can assure you. Roy Disney is the co-founder of Disney, so how can anyone not know him right?  of course, now that Disney is owned by shareholders, it still doesn’t mean that we would forget who Roy Disney is.

Roy was in the military before becoming a banker and had tuberculosis – born in Chicago.  In 1923, he went to Hollywood and joined his brother Walt and they both founded Disney Studios.  While his brother was the creative aspect of Disney, Roy made sure that the company was financially stable.  He was only married once  and till death till he parted – and being so camera shy and private, little was published during his lifetime about him.  Because of his contribution to not only USA but around the world, a statue of Roy had been placed next to Minnie mouse located on the town square.  Disney also tries to remember Roy for his contribution by putting up his statue in various Disney properties.

Tom Morello

I had the privileged to see Tom Morello perform many years ago and he is indeed a very, very talented guitar players of all times.  I noticed that all his guitars seems to be very shiny and he also had a unique one  if I am not wrong.  I recognized the P90 because it’s not uncommon for musicians to use it to improve the performance.

Morello comes from a single parent home but that did not stop him from getting into Harvard.  It is well known that he worked as an exotic male stripper after he moved to Hollywood.  He did just about everything to survive and that is what I admire him for.  So Morello wasn’t noticed right away nor did a record company pick him up in a talent show but he did make it later in life when he was introduced to Keenan to form a band.  Morello definitely made his style of playing the guitar well known because it was quite different from other bands back then.   I was really impressed with the performance in San Francisco in August this year.