Yes, these are the people who gives without expecting anything back and especially this time of the year, you see a lot of good ones that reinforces my belief that there are good humans around the world who are doing things with no agenda.

At this time and age, a lot of people are just doing things for themselves and for their future, of course, there is nothing wrong with it.  But for those out there who are volunteering for the good of others and providing for other, kudos to you.

A blogging friend of mine is doing just that for the children in Myanmar.  Kudos to her and her friends who not only give their time and money but heart as well.  I’m so humbled by her and wished I could put her picture here but I doubt she would want that and there are so many like her who only wants to do good for others.

Dai ZhiKang

Only 49 years old but already super rich and super smart and a net worth of $1.2 billion.  Dai Zhi Kang isn’t just your ordinary rich man, he is what they called, a modern and sophisticated business man who believe in repaying his debts.  Coming from a humble background, Dai was said look after pigs and cows during his younger days.

Dai earned his place in the university and his family encouraged him to pursue his dream and so finance he went into when he was in the university. After school, he paid the extended family for their support in his university and went into the government service but very quickly went into banking instead.

He then went into the property market but things didn’t go well as his business failed but that didn’t stop him from trying again and repaying all his creditors.  He became a little more shrewd in his business dealings and the rest is history as you all know.  And he is an avid collector of the modern chinese art.  I would love to see his collection if I can get a chance.