Joost Bosdijk

I just finished watching an youtube presentation from Joost Bosdijk with a friend who was interested in picking up a bassoon.  Joost who is a dutch national playing the Bassoon definitely convinced me that it was worthwhile spending so much money to get the Bassoon.  He was quite amazing and inspiring I have to say, no wonder the girlfriend fell in love with the instrument.    I tried to find out more about him but there is very little info on him except that you can download itunes of his music.  I wished I could play like Bosdijk that was what my girlfriend said to me today and after watching the youtube video, I can fully understand why he inspired her to pick up the bassoon for a hobby.

Germaine Greer

Germaine Greer is a absolutely inspiring lady !  An Australian academic and journalist , and definitely someone you should read about because she believes that women’s liberation meant embracing gender differences in a positive fashion.  The struggle for freedom of women is to define one’s own value and one has to determine your own fate.  Very strong words but positively the most important words in this day and time for all women around the world.

Germaine has written many articles with The Guardian and I’ve read some of them.  The most powerful work she has written thus far is the Female Eunuch.  I love how she speaks her mind and thus far from what I’ve read, I’m already in awe.   I don’t think it is easy to understand all her work because they are pretty intense at times.   But she has got one thing right – “The more people we annoy, the more we know we’re doing it right.”

Bryan Baeumler

I love watching renovating shows and Bryan Baeumler definitely make it to my list of inspiring people around the globe.  I love how he helps home owners repair their house and home with some of these  and that in his tool boxes.  Bryan is the host for one of the more popular tv shows on HGTV and he is very hands on and owns his own construction company.  He is also very passionate in what he does and even though he is in the construction business now and a very successful one, Bryan has a BA in Political Science – impressive right?   And who doesn’t love a handy man around the house – even if he was just a friend.  Bryan’s networth ?  15 million dollars – very impressive indeed!


Jack Heuer

The last name Heuer already gives itself away and I’m sure you could have guessed who he is already.  Jack Heuer is the honorary chairman of Tag Heuer, the well known Swiss watch brand around the world.  he is also the great grandson of the founder of Tag Heuer.  Everyone knows that Jack inherited the business but that doesn’t mean that he didn’t contribute to the success of Tag Heuer.

With an electrical engineering degree, he brought the company into greater heights of success, he also change the view of  marketing within the company by marketing the brand widely in  the USA.  Although he had left the company in 1982 due to restructuring of the firm, he remained as a consultant and an advisory member  with Tag Heuer.

Health Insurance For The Rich & Famous

I’ve always wonder if the rich and famous has health insurance, surely being so rich, they don’t need health insurance?  but that’s not true either because these rich and famous people would have manager who would want their client’s best interest looked after.  So my conclusion is they must have some sort of health insurance like in North Carolina,  for health insurance in burlington nc  one can look for a health insurance provider easily.  Well, I guess around the United States, you kind of need a health insurance because they unlike Canada are not covered by any health insurance. But yes, I’m really curious to know if the rich and famous do have some kind of health insurance and if they do, who do they use?

Lizzie Velasquez

Known as the ugliest woman in the world Lizzie Velasquez didn’t let a youtube video of her online destroy her life, instead it made her a stronger person who now inspires others with her courage.

Lizzie is born with a very rare syndrome that doesn’t allow her to put on any weight and poor vision on an eye.  Lizzie is a motivational speaker and an author as well as a graduate in a college.  All of the above, she vowed to be when the youtube video came out.  When I read her story, I can really feel her courage and her determination and because of her courage, she has inspired so many and taught many girls out there not to let their outer appearance define them.  Not to let their looks stop them from becoming what they want to be.