Kenny G

While buying a saxophone for a friend  it reminded me of Kenny G – the very, very handsome and super talented saxophone player from the 90s.  Everyone swoon when we listen to his music or see him perform in person.  Everyone knows who Kenny G is back then.  Of course, we don’t really hear too much about Kenny G too much these days but who could forget about his mesmerizing performances.

Kenny G sells the most record and cds of all time – when it comes to instrumental music  thus making him a multi millionaire by now.  Started playing the sax at 10 years old  and of course, it was a lot of hard work and private lessons and it’s really admirable how he kept such a low profile for someone with such a high profile in the music industry.

So unassuming yet so smart and has a good business acumen from his early investment into Starbucks.  Plus, he will stop and chat with you if you do meet him on the street and recognize him.   I loved reading his biography and maybe one day, I would get his autograph?