Babe Ruth

I hear a lot about Babe Ruth because the spouse is a sports fan and for those of you baseball, you will know how valuable a team member Babe Ruth was.  Born in 1865, this man still is a legend !  Babe Ruth learned his first baseball lesson from a reformatory school at the age of 7 from a priest. Babe Ruth was regarded as one of American Sport Heroes of all times and it was rumored that even though he was a bad boy, he still always tries to do good for his community.  Baseball players like Babe Ruth were said to have  a deep tissue massage  after each game and we all know how rough and tough some games can get for these sport players.  Babe Ruth was the first ever baseball player to be of great interest to the public, so much so they treated him like a star from the beginning.

Annie Clark

Annie Clark born with hands but did not stop this 9 years old girl from writing, painting, drawing and swimming or just about anything a normal 9 yrs old girl can do.  In fact at the age of 7, she won a Penmanship award and $1000 in cash prize for writing so well.  This brave little girl is encouraged her adopted parents hope by this award and go on to do greater things.  And I have no doubt she will.  Good luck Annie Clark – you are a very special little girl.

Tae Ho

When I look at this picture, there is nothing we should complain about our life – right?  well, if you ever see someone complaining about hardship and their life, please show them this youtube video of Tae Ho.  Abandoned at birth, he survived and not only living happily and making the best out of his life but also inspiring everyone around him.  What an awesome lil’ boy!