Eddie Izzard


I had no idea that English actor and comedienne, Eddy Izzard  is a UNICEF UK Ambassador for UK.  Unlike myself, who was just looking for  for swing sets in williamsburg va  for the less privileged children in town,  Eddy Izzard went to Iraq to report on the  Syrian refugee crisis  as well as spending 3 days in Kenya, experiencing for himself, what it is like to not have food and clean water.  He is currently fund raising as well as campaigning for these children so that they can have enough food.  Definitely inspired by Eddy Izzard, I too hope to be able to do more for the less privilege in my town.

Sandra Day O’Connor


Sandra Day is a retired US Supreme Court Justice.   She is one of the many famous people who were lawyers and a highly respectable one.  She is 84 yrs old and she was the first woman to be appointed, now that is something to be proud of in my humble opinion.  I bet it wasn’t easy being in the Supreme Court during those time (Ronald Reagan), after all, it isn’t easy till this day to be a female lawyer or female judge.

Good lawyers are hard to find then but check on this website  if you ever needed one.  And Sandra Day received more than 60 000 letters from the public during her first year in court.   Throughout her time in Court, there were many cases, whereby Sandra Day was the deciding vote to the cases.   Although retired now, Sandra Day still hears cases on a part time basis at the Federal district court and the court of appeals.

She also wrote a children book based on her own childhood , gives speeches and appearances in various law university and launched a law/court website to give students and teachers interactive lessons.  A very interesting watch on all the videos available on the website.  Definitely inspiring to say the least and for those who are interested in taking up law, you should check out that website.

Casey Kasem


For those around my age, you will definitely know who Casey Kasem is.  And for those who don’t know, he is your legendary radio personality and veteran.  So it was really sad to hear that he passed away a few days ago.  He was definitely a good radio dj , i’ve listened to him many a times during my short stay in USA, on American Top 40.  He also did many voices for various tv cartoons like Scooby Doo and Sesame Street.

Did you know that Casey Kasem founded the American Top 40 franchise?  and even hosted it for many years. Casey started his DJing career in the 50s and was in Korea as a DJ announcer for a American Network in Army.  He was famously known as a music historian and disc jockey.

Casey is not only into music alone, he was an avid animal rights supporter and anything to do with environmental causes, you can bet he will be speaking up about it.  He narrated campaigns , hosted fund raisers for the Presidential campaigns and lead a very fulfilling life till he was diagnosed with Parkinson.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame has a star with Casey’s name on it and he was inducted to the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame.  It was definitely a sad day to hear that he had passed in the condition he was in.  RIP Casey Kasem.