Charity Concerts

catsSummer is on full swing in our town and some very kind and charitable business are putting together a charity concert for our local non – profit organization.  We’ve bought some music gears at a very good price from  and for the rest of July and August, there will be singing and many talented local artistes invited for this charity concert.

Everything and every event at the water front is for a good cause and I can’t see nothing better to do then to support your local artistes and your local non-profit organization.  And for those businesses in town, who’ve spearheaded this event – I salute you.

Eli Broad


With a net worth of about 5.8 billion , Eli Broad has donated at least half of what he is worth by now.  Mr Broad made his fortunes as a home builder and later investing in the insurance industry but in his later years, rumor has it that he was quite focus only on philanthrophy work and reforming the public education.  His foundation funds medical research and I read that it has given more than half a billion for stem cell research at Harvard and MIT.  A museum in LA  is currently approved to be built by him.

And only last year, he donated about $250K against the recalls of Colorado Senate President and Senator Angela Giron because they supported gun control measures as well as a ban on magazines of 15 rounds and more.  Broad is also known for writing a book called The Art Of Being Unreasonable Lessons In Unconventional Thinking.  Which by the way was a NY Times bestseller in 2012.

George Kaiser


George Kaiser is an American businessman but also one of the biggest giver when it comes to charity.  In 2008, he was listed in BusinessWeek as the #3 top philanthropist and one of the most notable charity /cause is to fighting poverty.  And not just any poverty but childhood poverty and anything to do with children from early childhood education to gifting of gifts to orphanages, he is as they said the champions for the children around the world.  Highly commendable is his commitment to give away half his wealth when he dies to the Giving Pledge.  It is also widely rumored that Mr Kaiser gives anonymously to various charitable organizations.