Tom & Judy Love


Tom & Judy Love from Oklahoma have one of the most interesting stories to tell about their success.   The Love networth at $3.9 billion and with so many gas station around United States, I bet they have a very good   car insurance agent  since they needed to travel a lot for their 300 locations in 39 States.

Thanks to the Love, you now have mini convenient stores around the world when you pull over for a gas stop.  Children and adults can get a quick bathroom break and get a snack, pop or coffee before heading off the road again.  Being a family owned business, the Love started with only $5000 by leasing a abandoned service station.  Isn’t that an amazing story?

Fannie Lou Hamer


Born in 1917 and being a Civil Right Activist during those time must say something about this lady here.  She was one of the few black woman who registered to vote during the 60s and like I said before, black people didn’t vote during those time. In those days, you have to have a lot of courage to stand up for not only yourself but your fellowmen.

Fannie Hamer dedicated her life to fight for civil rights, she worked tirelessly with American African students to fight racial injustice.  She was beaten by the white people, threatened and arrested as well as shot at.  She was beaten up by the police during an arrest that one of her kidney permanently failed.  Hamer not only fought for civil rights for the minority but also helped the poor by building up childcare centers as well as bringing in more opportunities to the black people in Mississippi.

Even when she was diagnosed with cancer, Hamm still continued her fight as brave as she can.  She fought for everyone even till the end and without activists like her, the black people wouldn’t be where they are now.