Alice Faye


Many of you may not know who Alice Faye is but I grew up watching her shows as well as listening to her sing and play the  pineapple ukulele  .   She was a pretty famous actress and singer during my parents’ time and because of the love of American music and dancing, my mom used to watch her all the time.   I think I remember her in those Shirley Temple tv shows during my younger days and because of her I decided to take up playing the ukelele as well when I was a kid.  My mom said she was the female version of Bing Crosby and you and I know how famous Bing Crosby is to everyone.

Alice Faye started her career as a chorus girl because she failed in her first audition but that didn’t stop her from trying.  She also didn’t mind taking on a role that another actress abandoned.  She would try just about any role and as determined as she was, she always landed on her feet first and the leading roles were not far after.

Harold Hamm


Harold Hamm came from humble beginnings and with only a high school diploma, you must be wondering how he became one of the most successful and richest man in USA.  His net worth is $18.7 billion and is the 76th richest man in the world.  I’m sure you and I would like to know how he did it.  Currently 68 years old Mr Hamm is a entrepreneur and best known for his involvement in oil and gas.

Coming from a huge family, his parents were cotton share croppers and only a high school diploma, Mr Hamm worked his way up from pumping gas and car repairs to owning his billion dollar company.  Very impressive right?  how many of us can come from nothing and becoming one of the richest man in the world.  No easy feat and whatever he had been doing or is still doing , I would want to know the secret too. Mr Hamm is also a huge contributor of a diabetic center in Oklahoma as he himself has Type 2 diabetes.  His company is also a major oil distributor/producer.

Tracy Chapman


Born in 1964, I truly admire Tracy Chapman because she came from humble beginnings and was busking with her guitar when she was a student in Tuft University.  She didn’t have any expensive equipments like the  jbl eon 210p  or an expensive guitar but that didn’t stop her from singing and playing on the streets and in coffee shops before she cut a record and became famous.

She started playign the ukelele at 3 and writing songs and playing the guitar at 8 yrs old.  Kudos to her mom who raised her on her own and even without a lot of money, she recognized her daughter’s talent when she was very young and did her best to nurture her.  Even after cutting her record, she didn’t gain instant fame, Tracy had to work really hard to build a fan base but after her she performed for Mandela for his 70th birthday tribute, then she became more commercially successful.

Also well known for being one of the most politically and socially active musician and tries to work with a lot of charitable organization to help them.  You can see her involvement thru’ her lyrics and during her many performances to create awareness about Human Rights and various charities like the South Africa’s Anti-Apartheid Movement.  There are so many more events that is associated to Tracy Chapman’s name that she is also known as an activist .  Tracy has won many Grammy awards and nominated for a lot more.

Cate Nimanya


Cate Nimanya is the Country Director for Water for People in Uganda, born in Uganda and raised there, she was very fortunate that her parents made sure that she gets an education.  Life must have been really hard for Cate and her friends, firstly being a girl in Uganda and secondly the condition for living must not be the best.  I read that Cate had to wake up as early as 5am to collect water first before walking to school at 7am. And in order not to get their uniform dirty, they had to take them out 50 meters away from school because of the filthy toilets.

Life didn’t get any easier for Cate but she did manage to finish university and further her studies in Netherland after which she got married and had a child.  She could have stop and just stayed home but Cate chose to work in the mission to bring clean water to the people of Uganda and even though she has 3 children and a career, Cate is up for any challenges.