Bruno Mars

catsBruno Mars is also known as Peter Hernandez and with a name like Hernandez, you have to know that he must be good at singing and entertainment is in his blood. Being half Puerto Rican and half Filipino from his mother side, he is destined to do well in the music industry.   So everyone knows him by his stage name Bruno Mars and his songs are all very catchy and all easy to remember and to dance to.

It is said that during his earlier career, that his parents met during a performance, her mom being a hula dancer and his father played the percussion and even without recording aids like the  ableton live lite 9  Bruno Mars was all gung -ho to get his music out there.

Bruno Mars was into reggae , hip hop and R&B music and his entire family, even his uncle was a Elvis impersonator.  I guess, you can see where Bruno , the #6 in the family was heading toward even though he was very young then.

Bruno has a third studio album that he is working on right now but what’s most commendable about him is , only 29 years of age, Bruno Mars has already established a scholarship fund to help fund music maker of the next generation.  He also donated $100K to the kids in Bantay Bata, who were victims of Typhoon Haivan, to help them and their families who’ve lost everything in the Typhoon.   And he is very much into anything that says fight poverty in USA.  I truly love artistes like Bruno, who is willing to give back to society when they can afford it, makes me feel like these rich artistes has a heart too.