Ralph Wilson Jr

2Born in 1918,  Mr Wilson, born and raised in Ohio is known for being the biggest philanthropist in 2014.  Even after his death in 2014, Wilson has a foundation that continues to help others and different organization.

Most people would probably remember him as the owner of Buffalo Bills as he played a very important role in bringing the game on national TV ,  that amounted a lot of money as far as I know.  As a founding owner, he was also inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2009.

 But let come back to how generous he is , being one of the top giver even after his death.  I read that the proceeds of the sale of his estate , that held the franchise was used as an endowment for the Ralph C. Wilson Foundation.  This foundation funds many charitable causes in Buffalo and Detroit areas.   These were all set in motion before his death, therefore, he was truly a great philanthropist and had other big causes in mind.

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