workAt only 27 years old this guy known professionally as Skrillex also known as Sonny John Moore by birth is one of the highest paid DJs named by Forbes.  He wears many hats, a DJ , music producer, guitarist, singer as well as a song writer.  I wonder what he would think of the  Scarlett reviews  for I too am thinking of getting one for my son for Christmas.  Since he is the expert and won many Grammy awards for various awards and one for Best remixing recording, wouldn’t it be nice to get his advice for this purchase of mine.  But of course, I wouldn’t be able to, so I resort to getting best advice from reviews from real people and then I will decide.

Although Skrillex didn’t have the best childhood due to bullying in school and having to drop out and home schooled instead , that didn’t seem to deter him from making something out of himself.  In fact , at the age of 14 , he learned that he was adopted and again dropped out of a program he was in.  Skrillex also known as Moore his birth name , got his first break in 2004 when he called First to Last to play in their band.

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