Eva Peron

Everyone in Argentina loves Eva Peron who is also the wife of President of Argentina – and became the first lady of Argentina.  She campaigned to help the poor and also wanted to make sure that the women folks had the right to vote in Argentina.   She was dearly loved and people in Argentina worship her because she was born of the poor and didn’t stand for any injustice even then.

Eva being the illegitimate child did not stop her from being the President’s wife in 1945.  After being the President’s wife – she fought for the poor and wanted improvement for the very poor.  Civil rights were granted to the Argentinean women because Eva Peron was tireless and relentless with her campaign for justice – for equality.  Eva Peron was only 32 when she died  – it’s too sad that she died so young but she remained a figure that most Latin American women look up to – for humanitarian reasons.   Passionate about her belief in righting the poor – Eva was truly an inspiration.

Cristina Fernandez

Cristina Fernandez is the 54 yrs old lawyer who won her seat in parliament by a landslide for President.  Born in 1953 and is the wife of former President of Argentina Mr Kircher. She is the first femaile President in Argentina and definitely no easy feat to be a woman in politics.  But she held her head high…. i remembered the speech she gave when she was sworn in, in 2007.  She praised her husband’s work for Argentina.. and the many reformed he had made.  Of course, not all is easy sailing.. but she stood steadfast and like any woman standing on the opposite side, you can i know it cannot be easy being the President and what more a lady President.  I heard she uses Lipovox to keep fit.