Health Insurance For The Rich & Famous

I’ve always wonder if the rich and famous has health insurance, surely being so rich, they don’t need health insurance?  but that’s not true either because these rich and famous people would have manager who would want their client’s best interest looked after.  So my conclusion is they must have some sort of health insurance like in North Carolina,  for health insurance in burlington nc  one can look for a health insurance provider easily.  Well, I guess around the United States, you kind of need a health insurance because they unlike Canada are not covered by any health insurance. But yes, I’m really curious to know if the rich and famous do have some kind of health insurance and if they do, who do they use?


Yes, these are the people who gives without expecting anything back and especially this time of the year, you see a lot of good ones that reinforces my belief that there are good humans around the world who are doing things with no agenda.

At this time and age, a lot of people are just doing things for themselves and for their future, of course, there is nothing wrong with it.  But for those out there who are volunteering for the good of others and providing for other, kudos to you.

A blogging friend of mine is doing just that for the children in Myanmar.  Kudos to her and her friends who not only give their time and money but heart as well.  I’m so humbled by her and wished I could put her picture here but I doubt she would want that and there are so many like her who only wants to do good for others.

Multi-Millionaires Sleep Well

I’ve often wonder how the spouse can just jump into bed and sleeps immediately and mostly sleep well.  I’ve always thought that only multi-millionaires sleep well because what have they got to worry about right?  But I’m sure they are able to sleep well because they are people who give back to the society and are as nonchalant as the spouse when they are home and relaxing.  As for myself, I need a good body pillow to be able to sleep well, so I’m always on a look out for body pillow deals  and get some for the entire family.  I go everywhere with my body pillow even when I’m traveling and or need to go away for the weekend.  I don’t need a pillow for the head but a body pillow is a must.  I loved my body pillow so much that I can sleep without the spouse but not without my body pillow.

Which makes me come back to how multi-millionaires sleep?  do they sleep with body pillows too?  or what makes them sleep so well at night. I’m sure that they buy the most expensive and comfortable bed and pillows to sleep on but I’m sure they do worry about their work and businesses as well.  We are not rich but we do live comfortably, we are no multi-millionaires but to some people we do pretty well, and if you ask me if i sleep well at night, or how do i sleep well at night, I have to say, my body pillow does the trick for me.

Carl Icahn

Carl Icahn only buys  premium cigar brands  from what I’ve read for friends and family  and of course he can afford it – afterall, he is a billionaire with a net worth of $20 billion not million!  At 77 yrs old, this American business magnate, graduated from Princeton,  but Carl Icahn is not just your ordinary billionaire.  He started his career in Wall Street and wasn’t a billionaire from the start, he struggled, he dealt and he wheeled.   He was well known for his philanthropy work when the Icahn stadium was named after him and the numerous large donation he made to his Alma mater.  On top of all the above, he is known for building Icahn House to help single women or women with children and those  running away from a unhappy marriage.

Recently on the headlines for his takeover of Dell on Business Insider, he is sharper at 77 than most of us and should be considered for a Nobel prize.  Also known as a corporate raider , Carl Ichan is said to do only what is good for America and its economy.  I’m most eager to see what is the outcome of the bid for Dell and I’m sure it will be celebrated with premium cigars by a lot of shareholders despite the fact that they are still backing up Michael Dell at this point of time.

Famous Bloggers

Blogging is not as strange as it seems some 10 years ago – and some people I know blog for a living.  Famous bloggers can afford to do their work anywhere around the world.  They can be sitting on the beach or buy a vacation home in Cuba stay there and buy a  hammock with stand at and work in his hammock with his laptop on sipping mah tai.

Famous bloggers like John Chow and Wendy Cheng or Matt Cutt make money thru’ blogging and have the kind of lifestyle that you and I hope to have.  Lots of time to spend with family and getting lots of sponsored stuff to use and try out.  They are invited to other countries and opening of restaurants and shows or a celebrity turnout.  Don’t they inspire you ?  don’t you want to be like them.  But how do these people become famous on the internet – you asked me.  Well – all you have to do is to read them up – and of course, you can start by buying a hammock and start up a blog.

Claire Bertschinger

I recently read the book Moving Mountains by Claire Bertschinger, a swiss british nurse and an activist and advocate of the people who are still suffering in developing countries.  Known for her work with the International Red Cross and the famine in Ethiopia, Claire Bertschinger is seen in  scrubs on tv feeding children who are sick.  For her work and book – Claire received the Florence Nightingale Medal and the Woman of the Year Award for Human Rights in Nursing Award.  Claire is selfless when it comes to helping these people – as I read her book Moving Mountains – I too am touched and because of her book – I am moved to help others as well.

Jared Fogle

I’m sure everyone knows the story of Jared Fogle – after all he is the spokesperson for Subway – the guy who went from fat to fit.  I loved to read about his story – because he is a true inspiration – even my spouse – eats subway everyday to keep fit.  But I on the other hand don’t like eating subway – so instead I need to find some diet pills that work but yes!  Jared Fogle – is a true inspiration to those who wants to lose weight and loves subway.

Jared Fogle lost 245 Ibs just by eating subway with no exercise – so if you are one who don’t like to exercise you know what to do eh.  But he did start walking after he lost so much weight – and I guess part of all the eating right – it comes with needing to do a little exercise as well and we all know that exercising is good – and walking is a kind of exercise.   Jared Fogle said he is never going to get fat again – now I wished i could say the same too.  Maybe, I should read more and put Jared Fogle picture in my bathroom to remind me all the time.

Lady Truckers

photo source : the vanguard

Here in the West – a lot of my friends and neighbors are truckers – look for example Andrea who now drives a truck from Canada all the way to USA because she lost her job as a courier driver a few years back. It was quite heartwarming to read about her story in our local papers but I cannot help but wonder if they have insurance or an attorney – after all, being a lady truck driver can be quite dangerous on the road – especially if you see the size of the truck they are driving. I now wonder if they have attorneys for the truck drivers from Canada as well besides your regular insurance? after all Andrea is only 40 yrs old and by my standard pretty young and knowing how insurance companies work in this area – I really hope she does find a good attorney if she did get into trouble –  – truckers like Andrea needs to protect their families as well.

Yes !  Andrea is from my small town – and I’ve always known that she is a tough lady – but I didn’t know all about her losing her job and her going thru’ so much hoops to make a living in this town.  Andrea has my absolute respect from now on – and if you know her – you would agree with me as well.

Inspirational Mothers

There are many inspirational mothers out there and it overwhelms me when i read the stories about them – and I think of my own mother – and I cannot think of any ways she inspired me – very sad.  But I don’t blame her for I come from a very traditional oriented family that believes that the boys are way more important but this is not about my mother today.  And mother’s day is round the corner and like everyone who have had a bad childhood – I want to be a better mother and for those warrior mothers like Monica Jorge – I salute you and wished that all mothers will get a gift from  Sharis because it is truly a warm and loving gesture to give someone a gift from Shari’s. If there is a woman in your life that you appreciate – give them a gift of Shari’s to show them how much you love them – I would.

Marissa Miller

Marissa Miller made news last year in December not because she is a stunning and skinny model who must have the best fast weight loss program – but because she went naked for a good cause.  Marissa Miller is the official model for Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and Victoria’s Secret as well – and she took off her clothes not to show people how skinny she is but to create awareness about skin cancer – in the Protect the Skin You’re in campaign.  T-shirts at Marc Jacobs boutique with Marisa’s naked body will be on sale soon and the proceeds will be going to NYU Cancer institute.  While I applaud her courage but are people really going to think of cancer when they see the t-shirt – or will they think – how sexy or skinny she is?  I don’t find the picture offensive – but i really wonder if that message will be seen across everyone.