Germaine Greer

Germaine Greer is a absolutely inspiring lady !  An Australian academic and journalist , and definitely someone you should read about because she believes that women’s liberation meant embracing gender differences in a positive fashion.  The struggle for freedom of women is to define one’s own value and one has to determine your own fate.  Very strong words but positively the most important words in this day and time for all women around the world.

Germaine has written many articles with The Guardian and I’ve read some of them.  The most powerful work she has written thus far is the Female Eunuch.  I love how she speaks her mind and thus far from what I’ve read, I’m already in awe.   I don’t think it is easy to understand all her work because they are pretty intense at times.   But she has got one thing right – “The more people we annoy, the more we know we’re doing it right.”

Nathan Tinkler

Very young billionaire at one time but still not bad as a millionaire now – Nathan Tinkler at the age of 26 set up his own business and gotten his wealth through investing in mining.  But it’s now all a bed of roses for millionaire Nathan Tinkler for since 2012, Nathan had been having one bad luck after another but I can’t see Nathan Tinkler not rising up again.  Moving to Singapore with his family in 2012 to regroup and rethink his business strategy, Nathan Tinkler is said to bounce back as quickly as he lost his money and shares.

Brett Blundy

What caught my attention to Brett Blundy was the fact that he is one of those millionaires who moved to Singapore – I wonder why as in Australia – they have everything too like Singapore – and maybe even more given how much land they have.

#33 richest person named by Forbes in Australia, Brett Blundy is a property and retail magnate.  It is said that his business acumen started at a very young age in a farm that his father owned.  And

Gina Rinehart

Known as the richest woman in the world and Australia where she is from, Gina Rinehart has every right to have women around the world envy her. Daughter of Lang Hancock, she is a mining tycoon but also the heiress of Hancock Prospecting.  Gina Reinehart’s life isn’t a bed of roses if you read about her history and profile but she holds her head high and tough through a lot of lawsuit and fighting over her father’s will.  Gina Rinehart is a low key philanthropist – who campaigns against human trafficking and supports orphanage in Cambodia.

Julian Assange

Don’t he look like a movie star to you?  yes! very good looking in my humble opinion – good enough to be a movie star! But seriously, Julian was a computer hacker when he was young – but he isn’t well known because of that – he is famous because of Wikileaks – a website that leaks and covers just about anything on the internet and around the world.  Born in 1971  – Julian has many roles, from programmer to publisher and latest one of the 100 people chosen by Time as the most influential person around the world.

Julian is an Australian and some of the articles that WikiLeaks published were classified documents pertaining the Afghan war.  Despite all the leaks and awards, Julian didn’t see the warrant of arrest coming in 2010 for sexual assault.  It is said that Julian is still on conditional bail till today.  So if you are an ordinary person with secrets you are save from Julian but if you have a secret but is a famous person – you can be sure you will be on Julian’s list.

Janet Holmes

Janet is one of Australia’s richest woman – that was what intrigue me – and started my read up on her – after all – all wealthy woman is of interest to me – for I want to learn how they got rich and what inspires them and motivates them and maybe learn a thing or two from them.

She is the chairman of one of the largest private company in Australia – Heytesbury Pty Ltd – a company that deals with cattle stations, vineyards and winemaking. Rumor has it that she had the company turned around after her husband’s death by selling off some of its assets – therefore reducing the company’s debt load considerably.   But Janet is  also very involved in many charitable organizations and very active in social issues in Australia.  She is included in the list of 100 living treasures in Australia – now that is not something that just any ordinary person can achieved I would think but I think it can be attributed to her involvement in the Australian Republican Movement.  Of course,we don’t want to forget about the Artists’ grant that she is involved with that provides help to artists and funding for these professionals who have financial difficulties.

Modest about her success for turning her late husband’s company around – and giving time and money to the younger Australian is what she strive to do.   The world needs more people like Janet Holmes who are willing to share their wealth and time to those with needs and have lesser.

Helena Rubinstein

Helena Rubinstein is the founder of Helena Rubinstein Incorporated and its beauty salons around the world.  I didn’t know that they are still around these days – truth be told – but looks like I was wrong – because I happened to see Demi Moore in a poster picture representing Helena Rubinstein new perfume a few years ago.   And we all know that Demi Moore is an A-list movie star and wouldn’t just be a doing an ad for just any cosmetic company.

Helena was born in Poland in the 1870 and she died the year I was born at 94.  Her parents did a great job in making her a bright and intelligent young lady with elegance and style.  I heard she was in medical school for 2 years – too bad she didn’t stay and learn all about curing   eczema – during those days and make medical cosmetic instead of just cosmetic.  But she was definitely a brave young lady then – who at those time – we never heard of rejecting a marriage – but she did and even moved to Australia.  I’ll have to say pretty brave even by my standard.

There she started her cosmetic salon and manufacturing cosmetic till 1965.  She left a great fortune – many houses and had a million dollars in art and jewelry collection.  The Helena Rubinstein brand was still growing strong after her death – and I do remember my mom using them when i was a kid.   Definitely, a inspiration to young woman around the world – who are struggling and trying to make it in life.

Nick Vujicic

I saw Nick’s video a few months ago – and if you had seen it – you would be crying too  – not of tears of sadness but tears of hope and tears of joy – tears of exuberance.  Nick proves that someone with a handicap does not mean that life is over – therefore people like me – should never complained about anything – no matter how tough it gets.  So now – when the tough gets going – I think about Nick   Vujicic.

check out this video and be inspired.

Julian Burnside

Julian Burnside from  Australia/New Zealand, 59 years of age is one of Melbourne’s leading commercial barristers. Puts in hundreds of hours each year in pro bono work on human rights and refugee cases. Became involved in 2001, when he represented Afghan asylum seekers at center of Australia’s “Tampa” crisis. Since then Burnside and his wife, artist Kate Durham, have housed asylum seekers in their Melbourne mansion as part of their Spare Rooms for Refugees initiative. Also a big supporter of the arts, funding an innovative performing arts space and buying paintings from young unknown artists “because they need the money.”

Gail Kelly

Last February, the 52-year-old native South African took over Westpac, Australia’s third-largest bank. Kelly, who began her career as a bank teller, sparked controversy last May when she announced plans to merge the $37 billion (market cap) bank with her former employer, St. George Bank. Government regulators spent three months scrutinizing the deal before giving it the green light in August. Overshadowing the government’s decision, however, is speculation that St. George may push for a higher offer after the bank reported that it expects to deliver cash earnings growth of between 6% and 8% this year.

Source :Kate Macmillan