J.R. Shaw

James Robert Shaw is a Canadian, born just before my own mum in 1934 and the executive chairman of Shaw Communications, one of the biggest satellite company in Canada. 1.5 billion is his networth and for someone who was raised in a farm, mann!  he definitely did good !  Mr Shaw is a awesome Canadian businessman for continuing his father’s legacy in philanthropy by making sure that the Shaw Foundation is run well.

As a cable pioneer, he has proved to be a very successful entrepreneur and one with a good foresight.  As a result of his business acumen, Shaw Communications is not only a cable company now but a high speed internet, telecommunication company and a home phone company.  J.R Shaw had won many award because of his success in running Shaw Communications.

Mike Smith

This is Mike Smith the actor and not the Canadian Hockey Player – now that is another Mike Smith.  Mike Smith is well known for playing Bubbles in the Trailer Park Boys  – born in New Glasgow Nova Scotia, and like every Canadian, he started playing hockey at a young age of 4 but soon to realize that he did better with music.  He started playing the guitar at the age of 7 and was said to be kind of a musical genius.

So he started playing with a band that got disbanded and was discovered on set while being hired as a sound mixer.  And the rest is history as they say.  But yes, even small town guy like Mike Smith can make it big time, and I guess it’s just being at the right place at the right time.

Frank H. Sobey

For those who’ve been to Atlantic Canada – I’m sure you’ve seen Sobey everywhere – it’s your friendly chain grocery store in the Atlantic Canada.  And thanks to this man Frank H. Sobey who at 16 years of age, persuaded his father to expand his neighborhood business to a full line of groceries and now we have Sobeys everywhere in Canada – not only the Atlantic side.

Frank was born in Nova Scotia and it was said that Frank was the man who made Sobeys what it is today. He had business acumen that impressed not only his father but those that had worked with him.  Of course, those who knows about Sobeys also know that Frank was the one who brought in the Empire Theatre chain of movie place.  Frank received from the St Mary’s University in Halifax the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws and the university named a faculty in his honor.  And the Canadian Business hall of fame inducted him sometime in 1985.   His contribution in Atlantic Canada is beyond anyone had done for Canada, like the Sobey Foundation that assist business students in the St Mary’s.   Frank also opened its door to the Art foundation that helps Canadian artist further their passion.  And even though he is not around now, he continues to do good for the Canadian people.

Mike Holmes

I think I fell in love with Mike Holmes when I was having trouble with my contractors who were renovating my basement for 7 weeks.  I wanted to strangle my crapenters to be honest and I was looking for some kind of information and came across Mike Holmes and his tv show on HGTV.  I was impressed of course like many others out there and he seems to know exactly what he was doing, he has all the tools from  t-nuts  to excavating machinery to get the work done.  But my crapenters needed to run to us everytime they needed $10 to get some parts even screws.  Yes, that drove me nut and as much as I would loved to give someone a chance to learn and better what they are doing, my home is a no fooling around matter and I soon learned that giving guys like the ones I’ve hired a chance only means a lot of heartache in the end  and we are still suffering from it.

Mike Holmes is a Canadian professional contractor and everything he said in all his shows makes sense to us and he learned all his trade from his father and at 19 started his on contracting company, hiring as many as 13 people.  A few years later, he opened his first renovation company, and he doesn’t cut corners and knows exactly what he is doing.  He started the The Holmes Foundation  to help people learned the trade the proper way and he had been instrumental with the SOS children’s village as well as assisting internationally like the New Orleans project.  I wished that I had someone like Mike Holmes doing all my renovation work and even though I’m also in Canada, it would be hard to find someone with integrity like his.

Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson well known Canadian interior decorator not only in Canada but in USA and UK.  I was quite addicted to Sarah’s show on HGTV when I first came to Canada because whatever she recommended were good and practical and things I could use in my own home (since I was just starting out then) – like the hanging address signs that I adored and never could have one if I was living in Asia.   So of course, I went hunting for a hanging address sign for myself, so you see how inspiring she was when it comes to decorating your home.

Anyhow, Sarah’s work were featured across the globe and she writes a column for a local paper here in Canada. Born in 1971, she grew up with a mother who was into designing and planning too – so no wonder she is in this field eh and her husband – also a childhood friend is in designing as well.  What’s most inspiring about Sarah is – she practices what she preaches – for instant her home is solar powered – now isn’t that awesome or what?  and believes in eco-products.  She started her career as a behind the scene stylist and ended up with several of her own tv shows from Sarah’s cottage to Sarah 101 and in the meantime, shares an office with her husband and juggles between work and 2 children.   A career and a wonderful home and family, what more can a woman ask for.

David Thomson

If you are residing in Canada or taking a plane to Canada – you probably come across the Globe and Mail a newspaper in Canada – and David Thomson is the owner of this paper – or his family is and he inherited it.  Owning one of Canada’s most prestige media is not an easy feat but he is an active investor and is very focus on property development.   I hear he is also selling shares of CTV to a private broadcasting company.

Michaelle Jean

Michaelle Jean is a ordinary person who uses Iphone accessories like you and I but she is also an extraordinary hero not only for the womenfolks here but the black people.   With Michaelle Jean – she seems to be the first in a lot of things – from being the first black governor general  in Canada to the first black person to open the Olympic Games.  I read up a little about Canadian heroes and came across Michaella Jean’s accomplishment – and I was totally blown over by how much she has achieved despite having a tough childhood.  So for those people who blames broken marriages and single parents for not doing well – here’s is a living example of one who went thru’ all the hardship and yet turned out to be pretty well and balanced and helping others.

Born in Haiti but raised in Canada since 11 years old as a refugee status, MJ survived racism in Quebec and now champion those who have been incriminated because of it.  She is proficient in 5 languages – helps and setup and network shelters across Canada.  Was a Journalist – received many awards for being one and believed in the freedom of the country – Canada.  Yes, I’m sure she is just like you and I with iPhone, iPads and all the gadgets to  make life easy – but she sure didn’t take the easy way out – in fact she triumph and is admired by a lot of people for her courage.

Dr S. Leahey

Love this doctor and she definitely inspire me to not only take care of my health – but to be a better person.  She is my doctor and my kid’s and we are definitely so blessed – she is such a big hearted person and kind, caring and loving and knowledgeable and the list goes on – and I cannot say enough good things about her.  In fact, having Dr Leahey as our doctor is a huge blessing especially when you come from a town with not enough doctors.  In fact, patients young, old, woman, man – kids of all ages love her to bits.  And if anyone knows anything about  Medicare plan well it has to be her – she can tell you anything and everything and not afraid to consult another doctor for a second opinion or recommend you to somewhere for more help.

Dr Leahey had been practicing since 1975, she owns her own family practice in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and is a mentor to many foreign doctors who have just graduated. She has served as president of the College of Physicians & Surgeons since 2008.  I’m very sure that the doctors that she had mentor will continue her spirit of serving the public the way she is doing now.

Ellen Page

Ellen Page must be closed to everyone’s heart here in Canada especially Nova Scotians for she was born and raised in a town here in Nova Scotia. Famous for her role in Inception that was out recently – Ellen Page is also a high tech endorser – and loves her electronic so I’ve heard.  I wonder if she has a  htc touchscreen since that seems to be the latest electronic, cell phone, camera with email access capabilities.  Anyhow, Ellen is only but very short but it didn’t stop her from acting or becoming famous – like what most people would think that actresses who gets to go to Hollywood are tall and very slim.  She has acted in many movies – Juno was another big hit with everyone here and in United States – but she continues to live in Halifax with her 2 dogs.   She believes that school should be a place for healthier choices – this Oscar nominated actress even teamed up with a social network to share her ideas and petitions for growing organic food in school.

Jason McElwain

The sky is the limit according to Jason McElwain – and as I watch the video on u-tube with my phone the htc sense – I cannot but feel a sense of pride and sadness. Born with autism – Jason became famous after he played in a high school basketball game and scored 20 points.  Yes! he made history that day.  But he gave home to many who have kids with the same health issue – and even though he has autism he finished his GED and  continue raising funds for creating awareness for autism.  Certainly an inspiration to everyone eh.