Rosa Parks


Rosa Parks is an American African Civil Rights Activist,  she was known as the first lady of civil rights and the mother of freedom movement.  In 1955, she refused to give up her seat for a white person on a bus and during those times, the colored people were treated like second class citizens and Park was arrested because of it.  How crazy is that right?  But yes, during those days, things were quite different.  She was tired of being treated differently and less important and she fought for that.

What Rosa Parks did that day because one of the most iconic event in history thus leading to many other resistant in equal rights for the colored people.  Without Parks standing up that day, things may have taken a different turn.  Courage is what I learned from Rosa Parks and not many people are so courageous even in this day and time.

Jorge Ramos

catsWhen I saw an interview that Jorge Ramos did with times, I wished that our journalist back home and here in Canada would be more like him.  Instead of just reporting what they are fed, I wished they would go out and question/s the information given to them.

Our journalist here in Canada and back home in Singapore are not journalist, yes, they are reporters but no journalist.  A true journalist finds out the true, a true journalist brings the truth to its people and not just report the information that were given to them.  For all those reporters who are doing just that, I say shame on you.  Take a page from Jorge Ramos.

Kanye West


A man / a famous man who doesn’t care about his legacy nor is he in competition with anyone, so he said , during a recent interview.  Kanye does create quite a stir each time he opens his mouth or goes on the internet, he admitted himself.  But he wished that people would not care about race, religion or color but instead remove their pride and make the world a better one.  He doesn’t believed in glorifying himself but is more interested in doing good to others or for others.

Cate Nimanya


Cate Nimanya is the Country Director for Water for People in Uganda, born in Uganda and raised there, she was very fortunate that her parents made sure that she gets an education.  Life must have been really hard for Cate and her friends, firstly being a girl in Uganda and secondly the condition for living must not be the best.  I read that Cate had to wake up as early as 5am to collect water first before walking to school at 7am. And in order not to get their uniform dirty, they had to take them out 50 meters away from school because of the filthy toilets.

Life didn’t get any easier for Cate but she did manage to finish university and further her studies in Netherland after which she got married and had a child.  She could have stop and just stayed home but Cate chose to work in the mission to bring clean water to the people of Uganda and even though she has 3 children and a career, Cate is up for any challenges.

Fannie Lou Hamer


Born in 1917 and being a Civil Right Activist during those time must say something about this lady here.  She was one of the few black woman who registered to vote during the 60s and like I said before, black people didn’t vote during those time. In those days, you have to have a lot of courage to stand up for not only yourself but your fellowmen.

Fannie Hamer dedicated her life to fight for civil rights, she worked tirelessly with American African students to fight racial injustice.  She was beaten by the white people, threatened and arrested as well as shot at.  She was beaten up by the police during an arrest that one of her kidney permanently failed.  Hamer not only fought for civil rights for the minority but also helped the poor by building up childcare centers as well as bringing in more opportunities to the black people in Mississippi.

Even when she was diagnosed with cancer, Hamm still continued her fight as brave as she can.  She fought for everyone even till the end and without activists like her, the black people wouldn’t be where they are now.

Robin Williams


It actually pains my heart to be writing this because Robin William had just past away recently and yes, he was in inspiration but his illness was too much for him to bear and he had chosen what he felt was the best way to go.  But that doesn’t make him less of a great man who’ve inspired people around the world with the work he did.  From being a leading comedian to giving his entire life to bringing joy to people making movies and of course, not forgetting his philanthropy work with HBO. raising $80 million for the homeless.  Did he leave a legacy ?  yes, most definitely did – he impacted and touched many people’s lives thru’ his life’s work.

Annie Clark

Annie Clark born with hands but did not stop this 9 years old girl from writing, painting, drawing and swimming or just about anything a normal 9 yrs old girl can do.  In fact at the age of 7, she won a Penmanship award and $1000 in cash prize for writing so well.  This brave little girl is encouraged her adopted parents hope by this award and go on to do greater things.  And I have no doubt she will.  Good luck Annie Clark – you are a very special little girl.

Tae Ho

When I look at this picture, there is nothing we should complain about our life – right?  well, if you ever see someone complaining about hardship and their life, please show them this youtube video of Tae Ho.  Abandoned at birth, he survived and not only living happily and making the best out of his life but also inspiring everyone around him.  What an awesome lil’ boy!

Germaine Greer

Germaine Greer is a absolutely inspiring lady !  An Australian academic and journalist , and definitely someone you should read about because she believes that women’s liberation meant embracing gender differences in a positive fashion.  The struggle for freedom of women is to define one’s own value and one has to determine your own fate.  Very strong words but positively the most important words in this day and time for all women around the world.

Germaine has written many articles with The Guardian and I’ve read some of them.  The most powerful work she has written thus far is the Female Eunuch.  I love how she speaks her mind and thus far from what I’ve read, I’m already in awe.   I don’t think it is easy to understand all her work because they are pretty intense at times.   But she has got one thing right – “The more people we annoy, the more we know we’re doing it right.”