Peter Jones

Well known for BBC’s Dragon’s Den – Peter Jones is no stranger to investing in entrepreneurs as he himself was a self  made man.  One has got to wonder if he started all these shows because of himself and his experiences as an entrepreneur himself?   Peter was into many kind of money ventures, in fact, he started young I read – at the age of 16 years old but he wasn’t always successful but he kept at it and now his company is worth like  £220 million I read.  Of course, there must be more to it – and I’m sure he had gone thru’  alot to get where he is right now.

Born in UK, gave tennis lessons when he was a kid and set up his own tennis academy at 16 and married and own his home at 21 – now not many people can say the same for their life at such a young age right?  But you can see – Peter Jones knew exactly what he wanted, not always successful but he did get there – and that’s the most important part right?  Very inspiring to me.

Enid Blyton

Everyone my age knows who Enid Blyton was but of course my children and the children from today may not know her but I grew up reading all about Enid Blyton – whose real name is Mary Pollock.  Enid Blyton is a British writer of children’s books – and born in 1897, she sure was famous some 50 years ago when I was growing up because Enid Blyton was a school reading book in Singapore.  Enid Blyton had 800 books to her name – now that definitely was quite a feat during those days.

Enid Blyton didn’t start our being an author, she was teaching actually for about 5 years and was a talented pianist as well.  Her first book was a collection of poems called Child Whispers published in 1922.  After marrying an editor in a publishing house, Enid Blyton’s 2 other books were published on the same year.  Afflicted by Alzheimer – Enid Blyton died in her 70s and even though her daughter had written a biography of her which didn’t reflect well on Enid Blyton – her other daughter’s memories of her was a happy one.  But she was still an inspiration to me as I was growing up and I wanted to write like her when I was young.

Ringo Starr

My nephew of 10 years of age wanted a drum setafter watching Ringo Starr played his drum in a concert at the Greek.  He wants to be the next Ringo he announced to his parents – in which we all laughed and decided that we should indulge him and buy him a drum set and find him a drum teacher.

So what so great about Ringo Starr we asked him – and this was the 10 years old reply – Ringo Starr is the best drummer in the entire world! and that’s because he is a drummer with the Beatles!  don’t you know that.  And he also sang our favorite songs Octopus’s garden and Yellow Submarine. He was also the voice of the Conductor of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. He was also the best rock drummer on TV and has a perfect tempo and he toured a lot of places because of his drumming skill.

Nigella Lawson

I happened to chance upon the new u tube video of Nigella Lawson at her home, this episodes was in her garden and I love how her backyard was decorated for a BBQ and loved the birdhouses she has – they were really charming and gave the backyard such a wholesome and cozy feel – which makes me want to re-do my garden starting from spring.  Pretty inspirational after watching that video.

Everyone knows Nigella Lawson right?  The Domestic Goddess and English Muffin which she is  also known as.. but of course Nigella Lawson is more than that as you can see – a wonderful home maker as well with 2 lovely children.  Nigella was a name given by her grandmother and  Nigella is anything but common. Her father is a Baron and her mother is from some influential family.  Host of Nigella Bites became so famous.. even people from Asia loved her and her shows, plusbooks. Sold more than 3 million books worldwide. – Nigella enjoyed a very successful career with Food Network in USA.

I fell absolutely in love with her for her unpretentious and easy cooking style, thus making every woman i know feel that conquering the kitchen is not that difficult after all. She doesn’t have an empire like Martha Stewart but she is definitely an inspiration to all woman  from all over the world. and most importantly that a that a bigger size woman can be sexy too.

Inspirational People & Christmas

So you must be wondering what do these inspiration people do during Christmas right?  while the rich goes and have a private and expensive party – inspirational people attends charity balls? and collect money for the poor?  Elton John is an inspirational person – everyone knows who Elton John is – good friend of Princess Diana – he has seen many of his closest friends die of HIV/AIDS over the many years – therefore, he has established the Elton John AIDS Foundation in 1992.

Every year the 61-year-old legend opens his house to hundreds of celebrities and invited guests for a themed “White Tie and Tiara” ball to raise money for the foundation, and also holds post-Grammy and -Oscar parties as fundraisers.

“I have lost many dear friends to this terrible disease,” he said on the EJAF website. “In the mid-1980s, I began channeling my grief into efforts to help raise money for the pioneering charitable organizations that formed during those dark, grim years to fund AIDS research and provide vital services to people with HIV/AIDS.”

EJAF raised over $125 million to support programs in 55 countries to help people living with AIDs.  Elton John also gave his own personal wealth to charity.  He is the most generous person in the music industry donating up to 43 million around the world.  He also donated 120 motorcycles to African nation to be used by doctors and nurses for their work in visiting patients living in remote places.

David Cameron

Youngest British prime minister in 198 years is product of privilege: Eton, Brasenose College, Oxford; is descended (illegitimately) from King William IV. Hailed by some as the second coming of Margaret Thatcher, Cameron shares the Iron Lady’s determination to slash government expenditures (defense, higher education), but as the leader of a coalition government he can ill-afford to repeat her brash divisiveness.

He has supported same-sex marriage, wants to improve attitudes towards the disabled and has a far more gentle view of immigration than Count Howard did. All quite odd for a Tory. On the other hand he is a Unionist, wants to avoid the EU and loves war or as he calls it ´spreading democracy.

Vanessa Mae

Born in 1978 – she begin playing the piano at 3 and violin at 5.  Took the world by storm with her techno classical voilin playing in her mid teens.   She released her first fusion album and I was really taken by her music and her album The Volin Player.  At the age of 25, she was already a superstar in her own rights.

Born in Singapore.. maybe that’s the first reason why i liked her so much.. because I’m from Singapore too.  And of a thai father and a Chinese mother.  After her parents separated and married an Englishman, they moved to England.  Vanessa Mae grew up in London and is a British citizen – is one of the most talented musician I’ve come across – if you haven’t listen to her play now is the time.

Annie Rolinson Gale

Annie Rolins Gale does not have any jobs in administration but she was a very intelligent woman with academic ability, born in Englad, she is a political activist and an Alderman.    Annie passed the Oxford Entrance Examination in 1890.   We all know that women during those times ere not able to become students at Oxford, so she helped run the family business instead and got married – like what most people expects of women folks during those time.   In 1912, with their two young sons, they migrated to Canada.

Annie organized Canada’s first Women’s Ratepayers’ Association and after women in Alberta gained the right to vote in 1916, she accepted the group’s invitation to run in 1917 city council election in Calgary.  At a time when there were no women in government across Canada.  Annie managed to win a seat too – now that must have gone down in history eh.

Annie served for three terms as an alderman, though she was unable to win a seat in 1921 provincial election.  In 1923, Annie and her husband moved to Vancouver, where they lived out the rest of their lives.

Magaret Iris Duley

Margaret Duley born in 1894 and died in 1968 just shortly after i was born graduated from college and went to England in 1910 with a father for a wedding where you continued to stay for 4 years.  You and I know that in those times .. traveling was quite different from what it is for us now, as different as our furnace filters ..?? wait a minute.. did they have furnace filters back then..??

Anyhow.. when Margaret returned to Newfoundland where she was orginally from, she took to writing and became the first Newfie writer and not only that she received international attention for her writing.  With 5 novels, a non fiction book, a number of short stories, poems, radio broacdcast scripts and volumes of correspondence to her credit.. you would think that Margaret will be a well know novelist in her time.  Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 1955 and fount it until her death.

J.K. Rowling

Everyone knows who J.K. Rowlings is .. i’m sure.  Irregardless if you have kids or not, this British writer and author is too famous not to know.  She is the one who is responsible for bringing you and your kids .. the fantasy series of Harry Porter.

A networth of $1 billion, J.K was not always rich… in fact was a single mom on welfare while finishing her first Harry Porter story.  I even heard that she had to write the book in a cafe.. because she didn’t have money for power and heat in her apt.   And now.. see where she is.. living from welfare to becoming a multi millionaire and all within a short 5 yrs.   I wouldn’t mind spending 5 yrs of hard work.. and thereafter be as successful as J.K. Rowling.. !!  see good ppl do get good things eh.