Pearl Jam

Wishlist was the song that Pearl Jam band played that inspired my kid to play like them when they formed their own school band.   With  ebow available at Musicians Friend  my kid and his friends told me to order some for them so that they can play like Pearl Jam.

I’m sure that the band doesn’t know that they inspired some teenagers when they were playing Wishlist but it did.   For those who have been listening to Pearl Jam , you know that they have grown with time and quite well known now.  They now write all kinds of songs and even songs written on ukelele.   Listening to Wishlist , you wouldn’t think that Pearl Jam was capable of such music but it is like college rock , according to some critic.

Sarah Chang


Any Asian American who is a musician interest me to no end and when I was looking at Musician Friend’s violin bridge   for my daughter , I cannot help but wonder if she is going to be the next Sarah Chang.  Yes wishful thinking but mom can always hope right ?

Born in Philly USA to parents who were also musically inclined a composer and violinist , one can just imagine where she got her genes from eh. But Sarah Chang is a child prodigy when it comes to music and had started to perform as early as 8 yrs old and at 5 yrs old she was accept in the Julliard School of Music.  And any musician or wanna-be musician would know that Julliard is one of the best school to be in if you are serious about pursuing music as a career.


workAt only 27 years old this guy known professionally as Skrillex also known as Sonny John Moore by birth is one of the highest paid DJs named by Forbes.  He wears many hats, a DJ , music producer, guitarist, singer as well as a song writer.  I wonder what he would think of the  Scarlett reviews  for I too am thinking of getting one for my son for Christmas.  Since he is the expert and won many Grammy awards for various awards and one for Best remixing recording, wouldn’t it be nice to get his advice for this purchase of mine.  But of course, I wouldn’t be able to, so I resort to getting best advice from reviews from real people and then I will decide.

Although Skrillex didn’t have the best childhood due to bullying in school and having to drop out and home schooled instead , that didn’t seem to deter him from making something out of himself.  In fact , at the age of 14 , he learned that he was adopted and again dropped out of a program he was in.  Skrillex also known as Moore his birth name , got his first break in 2004 when he called First to Last to play in their band.

Casey Neistat


You don’t need to be super rich or someone who have done a lot of good to inspire others.  And why I feel that everyone will be inspired by Casey Neistat is because after watching his youtube videos for months, you cannot help but feel this very, very strong and positive vibe that anything is possible.  If it isn’t – look at Casey Neistat, only 34 yrs old, this guy definitely has done more things and accomplished more than most of us have in a lifetime.

This guy is a dare-devil and even though he is from a very normal family and didn’t finish his high school, a school drop out at 15, he definitely, definitely is an inspiration to everyone out there as someone who is motivated and hard work and willing to try anything, you will get somewhere.

I love this guy and I highly recommend everyone to watch his youtube channel – oh did I forget to tell you that he is also a film maker, an entrepreneur and co-founder of a social media company that introduced an app called Beme.


01Dutch born DJ named by Forbes as the most paid DJs in the entire world making up to $22 million !  And I’m sure a lot of young men and women are inspired by it and wants to get all the  dj equipment speakers  that he is using and learn all the trades that he might have.

Born in Netherland in 1969, Tiesto founded the label Black Hole Recordings, voted world’s #1 DJ , he is well known for the remixed of John Legend song – All of me at the Grammy’s.  I don’t think he is ever married but there was an engagement that was broken.

Jorge Ramos

buddyTimes named Jorge Ramos as one of the 100 most influential people around the world.  Well known for speaking up and for the immigrants , you can count on Jorge Ramos to right the wrong.  Born in Mexico but is an American now , Jorge Ramos is a journalist and author.

One very notable interview he had was with President Obama about immigration.  He confronted him on his broken promises and in the meantime, letting him know because of him, many latino families were put out and broken.

Telling the President that a promise is a promise and that he broke his promise was definitely a very brave thing to do ?  But Jorge Ramos claims that he is not afraid to confront and find out the truth for the people.  My Hero !

Kanye West


A man / a famous man who doesn’t care about his legacy nor is he in competition with anyone, so he said , during a recent interview.  Kanye does create quite a stir each time he opens his mouth or goes on the internet, he admitted himself.  But he wished that people would not care about race, religion or color but instead remove their pride and make the world a better one.  He doesn’t believed in glorifying himself but is more interested in doing good to others or for others.

George Harrison

 catsWhen I saw this  Tribute on sale  it reminded me of George Harrison and why my son started playing the guitar.  Yes, he was inspired after seeing George Harrison’s concert in a DVD that he had gotten from a friend for his birthday.  Funny how we get inspired so easily by different people in our lives and want to be like them.  But that was exactly what happened to my kid and from that day on, he was either playing his guitars or buying them or collecting different kind of instruments.

George Harrison may have passed away since 2001 but his legacy still lives on for many generations to come.   Not only was he a musician but also a singer, song writer and a producer for many film before he died.  Best known for his role played as a band member with the Beatles, “Here comes the Sun” that was composed by Harrison is still played a lot today and hummed by many around the world.

Chet Atkins


My first classical guitar tape that I listened to was from Chet Aktins and that was like 35 yrs ago.  Yes, it was that long and I remembered that he was using a  Gretsch  to play on tv one year during Christmas.  I was so obsessed with him, I went out to buy a tape to listen to every day.  And it was probably because of Chet Akins , that I took up guitar lessons from a church friend and wanted to play the guitar too.

 Died at the age of 77, Chet Atkins received numerous awards, from Grammies to being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame and Musician Hall of Fame.  Born in Tennessee , started out with a ukelele and traded his brother for a guitar and some chore’s money. Playing the guitar was a comfort to him at first because of his illness, he had asthma.  At that time, having asthma was a big deal and many a times, he was found fast asleep in his chair and his guitar on top of him.

Chet Atkins did not become famous immediately, in fact it was because he played in his school charity concerts that got people talking about him and his talent.  When Atkins dropped out of high school, he landed himself a job at the radio station.  He played the guitar as well as fiddle for Bill Carlisle and became a member with a  swing instrumental combo. Chet Akins later not only became a musician but was a producer as well.  He made his own records in his own home studio and would retune the recording till he thinks they are perfect.  While he didn’t have any particular style when he started playing the guitar, other musician gradually came to admire him for  his unique ideas.