Joost Bosdijk

I just finished watching an youtube presentation from Joost Bosdijk with a friend who was interested in picking up a bassoon.  Joost who is a dutch national playing the Bassoon definitely convinced me that it was worthwhile spending so much money to get the Bassoon.  He was quite amazing and inspiring I have to say, no wonder the girlfriend fell in love with the instrument.    I tried to find out more about him but there is very little info on him except that you can download itunes of his music.  I wished I could play like Bosdijk that was what my girlfriend said to me today and after watching the youtube video, I can fully understand why he inspired her to pick up the bassoon for a hobby.

Miuccia Prada

Who wouldn’t know the name Prada right and the stories related to how Prada came about.  But not many people are aware how talented Miccia Prada is.   Born in Milan, the youngest grand-daughter to the founder of Prada – Mario Prada, it was Miccia Prada  and her husband who turned the name Prada into a high end fashion house.   It is said that Miuccia Prada had an eye for detail and even at her home in Milan, they had  modern tabletop fireplaces  that looked like art pieces but I’m not surprised by it one bit.

But Miuccia Prada was not only known for her fashion and business sense, she was known to be the champion for woman’s rights and most interesting was she was actually trained to perform as a mime.  In fact for 5 years before taking over her grandfather’s business, it was exactly what she did.  Listed a one of the 50 best dressed woman, Miu Miu was another lined by Miuccia Prada for the less wealthy but Miuccia Prada is what everyone called low – key even though, her brand is around 65 countries.

Ellie Simmonds

I sat in front of the tv watching the London 2012 Paralympians with my snackwarehouse for stacy’s pita chips  and cannot helped but admire Ellie Simmonds who came in with a 3rd gold medal this year.  I’m sure you all know that she swam during the Paralympic 2012 in London.  Ellie had been in many of these meet and everyone loved her.  Despite the fact that Ellie has some special needs, she managed to do what you and I could never – when I saw her trying so hard to win the 2012 Paralympics – I cannot help but tell myself how blessed and how courageous she is.

César Ritz

I don’t think I even need to introduce who César Ritz is to everyone for I know you must know the Ritz hotels around the world – and yes, César Ritz  is the legendary hotelier who brings you the Ritz brand of hotels around the world.   César Ritz was the son of a humble farmer born in the 1850s in Switzerland – near the Swiss Alps.  He not only knows about farming – he also was in charge of tending to goats when he was a child until the age of 13 where he started working in a hotel as an apprentice as a waiter.   And even though a guest of the hotel had told him that he would never be a hotelier – guess who was oh so wrong!  The guest had said a hotelier needed special talent and flair and told him straight in his face and not so kindly that he didn’t have it.  Well, César Ritz not only have the flair but he knew exactly what to give to his wealthy customers – therefore The Ritz and The Savoy came about.  The Ritz in London not only served the wealthy but royalty as well.

The Thrifty Billioinaire

Ingvar Kamprad from Switzerland is known as the most thrifty billionaire of all times.  He is the Ikea founder and his networth is said to be an estimate of $31 billion.  But this billionaire is no ordinary billionaire because he is someone you want to learn from – when it comes to being thrifty.  Wearing very casually, in denim shirt and decorates his home with  discount bathroom cabinets  and anything that is low cost, you would never think that he is a billionaire.   Ingvar drives such an old car – you really wouldn’t and travels as cheaply as he can get and is not ashamed to admit it.   Not one who care what people might think of him, Ingvar started out as a farm boy and then begin his business by selling matches when he was just a young kid.  Having IKea and being a millionaire did not make Ingvar Kamprad an ignorant man but he definitely inspired me to live frugally.


Rosalia Mera

I love women like Rosalia Mera  – she came from my mother’s era – yet she is so strong, smart and successful.  Born in Spain in 1944 – she is one of the richest people in the world – and a woman at that.  She designs gowns and lingerie at home and turned it into a multi billion corporation – now how cool is that?  I’m pretty sure a woman like that has  fixed annuity  and all kinds of investment to ensure not only her own future but those of her children and grandchildren.

Married and divorced to Ortega, another multimillionaire – but that’s another story for another day – she managed to own his company’s stake of 7%.   Mera also owns interest in a cancer research company and a fingerprinting identification kit for infants.  Involved in many charitable organization as well as the film industry. A truly self made success story here – envy and many things to learn from her.


Ariana Huffington

I’m sure you know who Ariana Huffington is, afterall, she was named the top 30 influential entrepreneurs of this time but most importantly, she is known for her wealth estimated to be $115 million.  Someone who is as influential as her and rich must know how to run a business well and of course must know all about  business insurance  and liability.

Born in Greece and only moved to USA because of a love she can never really attain or fulfilled, she decided that the move would do her a wealth of good.  Married in late 1985 and had 2 girls and helped her husband run for senate which he later lost and she divorce him but the Huffington Post continued to do well  – the website has information mostly about politics, business and lifestyle as well as environmental issues.

Ruth Kedar

You may not really know who Ruth Kedar is – but I’m sure you know the famous Google Logo right?  and yes, Ruth Kedar is responsible for designing one of the most famous logo in the world and everyone around the world would recognize this logo just about anywhere they see it. Born in Brazil but educated in USA – at Standford – receiving a Masters in program designing – when Ruth designed Google logo – she didn’t know that Google was going to be this successful.   She is the founder of Art Net and has been awarded for her work both in USA and internationally.

Carla Bruni

Known to be one of the most glamorous and beautiful First Lady in the world – Carla Bruni was born in Italy and became the First Lady of France after marrying the President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy.  But if you think that she claimed her fame after marrying the President of France – then you are wrong because came with money and not only that was already famous in her own rights as a model, actress, songwriter and now singer.

Modeling at 19, Carla came from a complicated family – whose father was actually having an affair with her money.  Growing up with a different family – you might remember Carla Bruni as the face for Guess jeans when they first came out for sale in the 1990s – if I am not wrong.   She met the President in 2007 and married in 2008 and after her wedding followed by the side of the President closely.  She does lots of charitable work and became the world’s ambassador protecting woman and child against HIV.  She had a son in a previous marriage and a daughter with the current President.

Richest Celebrities

Mikhail Prokhorov is one of the richest man in the world – net worth of $18 billion – aims to be the next Russian Prime Minister I read in an interview with a Singapore magazine last year.   Not only is he rich – he is smart and a very eligible bachelor – so I read.  Now that he is owning the NETS  and he thinks he could handle the Prime Minister’s job – I wonder if he is using the ach payment at like most rich people here do with their money.

“King Of New York”  he was named because of the New Jersey NETs – everyone had been wondering what his private agenda was to be in the political arena – which was not clear at the moment. Being such a young successful person – I think if he becomes the next PM – Russia will see some huge changes not only politically but also in the industrial effort in Russia.  So I’ll be keeping an eye on this rich and flamboyant bachelor.