Susanne Klatten

Now who doesn’t want to be Susanne Klatten right?  She is the richest woman in Germany.  Klatten inherited her wealth from her parents who had shares with BMW and Altana – the biggest pharmaceutical in Germany.  But Klatten didn’t flaunt her wealth at all in fact, she tried to keep her identity a secret even when she met her husband – the engineer in BMW. Although a billionaire Klatten had managed to keep a low profile but continued to be one of the biggest donor for some political party and a Christian organization.

Angela Merkel

With $3.3 trillion in GDP, Germany is Europe’s biggest economy, and Merkel’s reforms are sparking a rebound, with unemployment falling (although consumer confidence just hit a five-year low). She pushed through a later retirement age, put more women in senior government posts, and raised payments to new parents. Bulldozes through controversy: hosted the Dalai Lama, chastised Mugabe, and wants to make the euro a bigger player in global financial markets as the dollar wanes. Also trying to make Germany more eco-friendly with steep greenhouse-gas cuts. Europeans voted her their most influential politician. — Tatiana Serafin

Patrick Tze

Title :  Actor/Producer/Screen writer/Director

Veteran in the HK Film industry

Born :  1936

Birthplace : Guang Dong/China

For as long as I can remember Patrick Tze was also known as 4th brother in the Hong Kong movie industry, and fans are known to call him as such.  Patrick Tze is of the same age as my mother but he is definitely looking a lot better than my mom.  Sporting a 6 pack in a recent travel show for TVB, one cannot help but envy this very fashionable older actor, who never fails to amaze you with his stories and philosophy in life.  He is currently retired and had migrated to Canada with his family, but Patrick Tze is still the best looking man and most well dressed up person I’ve known in my entire life.  I bet someone like him would look good in a  Roca wear coat and the co-founder of Roca would be proud to have someone like Patrick Tze wear his clothing lines.   The Roca line of clothing represents global lifestyles and who is better suited than Patrick Tze.

Regina Cheremeteff

Title : Dancer/Businesswoman

Birthplace : Berlin, Germany

Born : 1912 – 1992

Dancers inspires me.. ! not only are they very disciplined, they give me a sense of hardwork and dedication for the things they do .. to achieve what they are today. Regina Cheremeteff toured Europe as a child ballerina under the stage name.. Regina Royce. If you had seen some of her earlier dances.. you will be amazed… at how brilliant she was on stage. After marry the Count in 1930 .. she worked together with him.. in his troupe.. based in Berline. They had 3 kids.. and migrated to Canada in 1956 and chose to settled in one of my favourite places in Canada.. Calgary. She then opened the Calgary Russian Ballet and was not only the director, but also the choreographer and teacher .. til it closed in 1989. Regina Cheremeteff is still fondly remembered for her contribution in the small community in Calgary.

Young Regina Cheremeteff