Simon Hui

Simon Hui is from Hong Kong and many may not have known about him till January of this year – when he selflessly donated part of his liver to a co-worker who was injured during duty.  Both men are custom officers but are not related in anyway.  Simon Hui’s selfless deed not only saved a life – but also encouraged others to follow his footstep and become an organ donor.  Now that people can see that Simon is alive and that giving part of his liver doesn’t mean the end of life – perhaps more people would understand organ donation slightly more clearly and less fearful.  Hui has been crowned the Hero of Hong Kong by the people there.

Ho Kwon Peng

Ho Kwon Peng is not a  Slingbox but this multi-millionaire is networth about $250 million last year.  And when you think about Ho Kwon Peng – you also think about the Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts.  But having said that – the person who runs the show at  the Banyan Tree is his wife Claire Chang.  But that is another story for another day.   KP as fondly known in the industry also opened his first North Amercan resort in Mexico last year.  He manages 25 resorts and hotels and 68 spas in 23 countries – now that must say something to you eh.  He was born in Hong Kong and studied both in Taiwan and US – attended Standford and was a former journalist.  If this is not an accomplished man than I don’t know who is.   Happily married with 3 children – his wife was once an MP in Singapore as well.

KP has been honoured with Innovation Award ( HICAP, 2003), Travel Personality of the Year (Travel Trade Gazette Travel Awards, 2004), 100 Global Leaders for Tomorrow at the World Economic Forum (2005), and Business Week magazine’s 25 Stars of Asia (2005). He was also bestowed the 2005 Entrepreneurship Award by the London Business School; Lifetime Achievement Award from the Advertising Hall of Fame Awards (2005); Lifestyle, Hospitality & Retail Entrepreneur of the Year from Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award (2006); CEO of the Year at the Singapore Corporate Awards 2008 and Hotelier of the Year at the Stylemaker Awards (2008). In April 2009, KP was the joint recipient of the Hospitality Lifetime Achievement Award at the prestigious China Hotel Investment Summit and most recently, he was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal for his significant contribution to the success of the Singapore Management University .

Mah Choon Hong

I was looking at some home insurance quote when i happen to think of Mah Choon Hong – I don’t even know if you all remember her – but I know her as one of the finalist of a Singapore Talent Contest.  And she does have a very powerful voice but at the time I got to know Choon – that’s what she likes ppl to call her – she was in the travel industry.  The next time I heard about her – was when she had already left for the States.

Like I said, Mah Choon Hong was a very talented woman but one who was not so lucky in love at that time.  She did have a companion when I met her – but that was all she was to him. She did inspire me because I was pretty young at that time – and saw someone who was colorful and full of charisma but kinda taken advantage of  love was concern – not on her part though – but by definition of the men she was with.  When I heard that she left for the States – I was hoping to find out more about her but still haven’t – either she is not internet savvy or very happily married now.  But she did touch my life at one point (i wanted to sing) – unfortunately we never crossed path again – might even be harder now that I’m in Canada and she is in USA.

Andy Lau

Andy Lau is a Hong Kong celeb that no one in Asia .. do not know.  Coming out after being exposed today.. because he got married to his g/f – former beauty queen from Malaysia.. you would think that he doesn’t really need to justify why he got married.. and kept it a secret right..??  Afterall, it is his private affair.  I don’t understand the big boo haas about it.  In other news, it is said that during some Gatlinburg vacations he was also married to a taiwanese actress..?? who came out in the open to publicise their marriage… and divorce.. at this point of time.

At certain point of time.. i had thought that Andy Lau was gay.. in fact i was quite sure about it.. having heard no scandals.. or relationship all these years.   Well, in my opinion.. this man is an inspiration .. whether he is gay or married.. or secretly married.. he need not apologize for it.  People should certainly learn to respect other ppl’s privacy.  Yes . .he is a celeb.. but he is not answerable to you.

Lydia Sum

Title : Veteran Actress

Birthplace : Shanghai

Born : 1947

Lydia Shum Din-Ha, known as Fei-fei, or Fatty, and one of Hong Kong’s most popular comedian actresses, died of liver tumor and other complications on Tuesday morning in a hospital in Hong Kong. I was deeply saddened by her death.. because I watched her .. while growing .. and grew old with her.

Lydia was born in July, 1947 into a well-off large family in Shanghai and ranked the fifth among the family’s eight children. She made her film debut in 1960, joined the Hong Kong-based Shaw Brothers, a famous film company, as a child actress and rose to stardom with the free-to-air television broadcaster TVB’s variety show Enjoy Yourself Tonight, which was hugely popular in Hong Kong for over 20 years. With her signature smile, dark-rimmed glasses and comic hairstyle, Shum established herself as a comic and dramatic actress.

Her successful career spanning almost half a century also included the role as a TV hostess. Shum married Hong Kong actor and singer Adam Cheng Siu-chow in 1985 after they lived together years. The two split up in 1987, only eight months after their daughter and only child Joyce was born.

Shum, dogged by numerous health problems, including chronic ailments such as cholangitis, diabetes and hypertension, was lately admitted to hospitals repeatedly. She was diagnosed with liver tumor and cancer around the gallbladder in 2006 and was discharged from hospital in July 2007 after an operation to remove a third of her liver.

Her death came quickly .. and it was a tragic to the film industry in Hong Kong as we all know how well-loved Fei Fei was to alot of ppl. On Feb 24, 2008, the body of Lydia was escorted by her daughter, Joyce and was taken by Cathay Pacific passenger flight from Hong Kong to Vancouver and rest in peace in Burnaby’s Forest Lawn Memorial Park in a private ceremony.

On Feb 26, 2008, the mayor of Vancouver, Sam Sullivan, proclaimed June 1, 2008 as Fei Fei Day, that day happens to be Lydia’s lunar calendar birthday.

Kwok Family

The Kwok family is behind one of Hong Kong’s most storied real estate firms was thrown into tumult even before property prices tumbled. Eldest brother Walter stepped down from 18-year chairmanship of Sun Hung Kai Properties last May with  after disputing with custom software and his 2 younger siblings, Raymond and Thomas. Mother Kwong Siu-hing, 80, took over as chairman. Stock down 50% in past year. Firm still pushing ahead: opened a W hotel in Hong Kong in January and has plans to open another in Shanghai by 2010. In late-February sold 150 luxury apartments in its Kowloon residential development, generating $450 million in revenue. Family also owns interests in telecom SmarTone-Vodafone and city bus operator KMB.

Peter Woo

Heads Wheelock & Co., which owns landmarks like Hong Kong’s Times Square and Harbour City; also has shipping interests. Holds advisory posts at JPMorgan Chase and General Electric. Became chair of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, which had made him the de facto trade ambassador, in 2000; gave up the post 7 years ago. Considered possible candidate for city’s chief executive in 2012; lost race 1996. Daughter Jennifer leads family’s Hong Kong luxury retailer Lane Crawford.

William Fung

Age 63 with net worth of 1.7 billion, Mr Fung with his brother Victor, runs Li & Fung, firm supplying fashions, furnishings and toys to retailers, including Wal-Mart, Target. Has 10,000 suppliers worldwide. Firm raised half a billion in September. Biggest creditor of KB Toys, which went bankrupt in December and owes Li & Fung $5 million. Stock dropped 58% in 2008. In late February paid $80 million to take over Liz Claiborne’s ailing global distribution network. The company will now be supplying Liz Claiborne brands such as Lucky Brand, Juicy Couture and Kate Spade to retailers around the world. Grandfather Fung Pakliu started the company a century ago with partner Li To-ming; duo sold porcelain, antiques. Father Fung Hon-chu ran it while brothers studied business in U.S.; they returned to take helm 1970s. William is managing director, Victor chairman.

Chow Yun Fatt

Chow Yun Fatt is by far one of the most interesting man that I’ve met while working.  Yes, yes, .. we did get to chat for a tiny bit.. but it was because of work.   He and his common law wife .. Jasmine was staying in one of our properties.  Till today … i still cannot understand why he and his common law wife isn’t married.

Chow Yun Fatt was indeed married once.. to an actress .. Candice Eu On On but I think never officially married Jasmine.. but donch quote me.. i could be wrong.  You know these celebs .. and their secrecy thing.  Anyhow, Chow Yun Fatt inspires me because he was one who was raised from a very  humble beginning and making it right to the top.  No one in the movie industry.. does not respect Chow .. and i was truly, truly in awe when he was the first to break into the Hollywood market.  It was a big risk.. for he doesn’t really know English that well then.  But he is as tough as those copper kitchen sinks that we have in our hotels.. and nothing seems to deter this man.. but I honestly heard that it’s Jasmine.. who is the strong one .. behind this very successful Chow Yun Fatt.

Stanley Ho

I remembered the times when we are heading over to Macau .. and my co-workers would joke about getting some money from Mr Ho .. to spend.   Well, i didn’t quite understand it at that time.. but of course, now i know who Mr Ho is.  Stanley Ho is the kingpin and Macau Mogul of all the casinos in most of Macau and Australia.

Not only does Mr Ho owns the casinos .. but the greyhound racing .. very popular in Macau and Hong Kong and no one not knows where Lisboa is .. when they visit Macau because it is said that it has the highest grossing casino.  And yes.. i had been to the Lisboa before.. and the room were cheap too.  Mr Ho owns 15 casinos outta the 18 Macau have.  For the high rollers, expect to be treated well on the ferry and helicopter services .. also owned by Mr Ho.

Married .. has 17 kids.. and a university dropped out.. but he is a billionaire.. how can Stanley Ho not be an inspiration to me right.