Dr Tahir

Networth of $805 million – Dr Tahir was named by Forbes as the #26 richest man in Indonesia.  This man has has holdings in a hospital chain and duty free shops but what’s most admirable about him is – he is giving a portion of his wealth to charity and good causes.  I’ve read that he is always thinking of how he can help society and give back to society – now tell me who can be this way – not thinking of himself but others.  Not many of us can do it – I hope that if I ever get rich, I will be like Dr Tahir too but of course, he gives to good causes like building schools and hospitals. One of the more well known causes that Dr Tahir is currently involved in will be the Bill Gates and his wife foundation.  He has committed more than $100 million into this foundation.  And though a millionaire, he still calls his mother everyday to ask how she is doing – a quality that I hope everyone will have.

Murdaya Poo

In the news last year in Indonesia for being the spouse of the untouchable lady – Siti Hartati Murdaya whose networth is said to be $1 billion.  69 years old Murdaya Poo’s wealth is not too shabby either at $1.5 billion.  So caught in a cross fire with the ICAC for some corruption, it didn’t really looked too good on Murdaya himself. Vegetarian and is involved in many companies as well as internet services to be provided to cities around Indonesia.

Aburizal Bakrie

You might just be looking at the next Indonesian President here  – for Aburizal Bakrie is concentrating mostly on his political career since 2012.  Of course, you ‘ve also read a lot about his business and all the fiasco that was going around with Nathaniel Rothschild and he was finally ousted out from the partnership – so I’ve read a long time ago.  But Mr Bakrie is still someone to watch because as we see 2014 drawing nearer, you might want to re-look at the economy in Indonesia if you have investment there.

I’m particularly interested because my maternal grandmother is from Medan, so I try to learn a little more about Indonesia all the time.   Mr Bakrie is said to be a politician first and then a businessman – but we can see also see the business isn’t going as well as it used to be during his father’s time.  We all know that his wealth started during his father’s time during the reign of   Soeharto’s time.  And like everyone else during the Asia’s economic crisis some 20 yrs ago, Bakrie was able to get refinancing and turned things around.

Although not as successful in the business front at the moment, it is rumored that the company is based on borrowed money, Bakrie is still net worth at $890 million by Forbes.

Eka Tjipta Widjaja

89 years old Eka Tjipta Widjaja was born in China but made his fortune in Indonesia.  Known as the plantation king and a networth of $12 billion making him the richest man in Indonesia.  He owns the Sinar Mas Group and it controls many palm oil, pulp and paper as well as property and mining in Indonesia.  It is said that he increased his wealth by another $500 million this year making him about $12.5 billion worth to be exact.  Although the company had been dealing with some very difficult lawsuits – it is still thriving as you can see.  Started work at a very young age selling biscuit from a rickshaw – and he is a survivor alright ! from wars to now.  Bouncing back from the bottom, the family business is now expanding and thriving.

Liem Sioe Liong


Indonesian tycoon passed away recently at the age of 95 – remembered by many for being simple and humble even though he was so rich and powerful – his wake was attended by the rich and famous which included past president from Indonesia – Megawati Sukarnoputri and Philippines Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario and Indonesian Ambassador Andri Hadi.

Known for being loyal to his home country – Indonesia – even though he had resided in Singapore for many years – born in China but migrated to Medan.  Mr Liem is known for his philanthropy acts like the donation of $1 million to a school in Singapore.  Born from humble origins – he definitely came a long way from being a farmer’s son.

Robert Hartono

Robert Hartono was named by Forbes to have a net worth of billions of dollars, bornin 1940, he made his wealth with tobacco and he is from Indonesia. Since my own mother is from Medan, Robert Hartono certainly makes my mother think about doing good one day just like Mr Hartono. I heard he is into human growth hormones but don’t quote me now. He owns and run privately the world’s 3rd largest maker of cigarettes and you and I know that tobacco is a booming industry – it never fails.

He not only run sthe tobacco company but his brothers also own the majority of Bank Of Asia – he himself attended a dutch school and during the 70s – his then diversified his company into electronics, textiles and food plus the banking of course. Pretty low profile – even who have heard his name – couldn’t find a lot of news about him on the net.