Anna Tibaijuka

Dr Anna Tibaijuka is admired by women and men of all ages around the world – born in Tazania – Dr Anna is said to be a born leader who spearheaded the UN-Habitat program – and if you are a woman without homes or living in the slums – or trying your darndest to finish school or live a better live – Dr Anna is the person to look for.   A born leader – Dr Anna not only acquired reconditioned laptops for her organization but also raised the budget for it.  The highest ranked African female in UN – she was educated in Switzerland and definitely a fighter.   She no longer head UN-HABITAT because of her role in the political arena  but her role in UN-HABITAT will not be forgotten  – because of the clean water in the slum areas where she was known for promoting and sanitation in slum areas.  I don’t think many people want her job because it must be really tedious and difficult but she did an amazing job and was also a special envoy to the Secretary General and clam down many illegal activities.  For a woman she sure is courageous!

Queen Rania Al Abdullah

Forbes listed her as one of the most powerful women in the world in 2009 because this Queen is not only beautiful and graceful and articulate believes in promoting education, child abuse and taking charge of causes that will affect any underprivileged in the country.

This queen plays many roles, from mother to boss and of course the ever supportive wife of the King of Jordon and highly praised for her role in humanitarian efforts.  To her helping her people is an honor and privileged – what an inspiration right?  She believes that everyone is born equal and only thru’ education can the lives of her people change, not only the standard of living but also their health.  A true and noble Queen.

Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein

“I consider it my inherited duty to help relieve the plight of people who suffer the devastating effects of poverty.”

Born a princess and married to the Ruler of Dubai must not be easy titles to carry. This princess studied in Britain and therefore, is very capable of all the charitable work she does for her country  – from Humanitarian ones to the one about overcoming local hunger.  An ambassador for the World Food Programme – she then became the UN Messenger of Peace in 2007.   She also takes time to write articles about hunger in her country and her native land.

The very first Arab woman to be a Olympic flag bearer – representing her native land.  Competed in Sydney Olympic game and also won the Pan Arab medal in horse riding.   Elected as the President for the International Equestrian Fed – she was the first Arab to hold such position ever.  I read that she is very active where health and children are concern and helped established a education foundation to help Jordianian and Emirati women realized their dreams and also helps to make sure that athletes from her home country gets a chance to succeed.

Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al Saud

According to Forbes – the Saudi King Abdullah is the 3rd most powerful man in the world.  But I’m not at all surprised afterall, he is the King – where all the oil comes from eh?  well most of the oil. Called or known as the absolute ruler of the desert kingdom that contains the world’s largest crude oil reserves.  State-owned oil producer Saudi Aramco has reserves of 266 billion barrels, or one-fifth of planet’s known supply (worth $22 trillion at today’s oil prices). Pushing for gradual social and legal reforms, while maintaining good relations with deeply conservative religious establishment.Ultimate succession unclear: 86-year-old king’s official heir is 82-year-old Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud. Established committee of senior princes to ensure smooth transition in the event both become incapacitated.

Prince Alwaleed

Nope.. i’ve never met him. .although i’ve met some from Brunei .. and his army of pilots.. staying at the hotel that i used to work in.   And yes.. they tip well..!!!  Only in his 50s, he is an entrepreneur and international investor, well connected in politics and power houses in Saudi Arabia and Lebanon, he has amassed a fortune through selling Medium Term Notes, Bank Guarantees, and Standby Letters of Credit, through his law firm/broker, Rockwick Capital. As of March, 11 2009 his net worth is estimated at US$13.3 billion, down from $21 billion, according to the Arabian Business rich list published December 2, 2008.