Abdul Satta Edhi

We should have more people like Abdul Edhi in this world – why?  because he is known also as the Mother Teresa of Karachi – or the equivalent.  Abdul and his wife apparently worked with people and helping them for a long, long time and they are folks who doesn’t like the publicity either.  Folks like Abdul and his wife are proof that you do not need to be very rich nor very educated to care and help others.  They are totally committed to helping the poor and needy.

Abdul started the Edhi Foundation on his own in a one room office but is now one of the largest welfare organization in Pakistan.  The foundation now has over 300 centers across the country providing medical care, family planning and emergency assistance.   The foundation refuses to get any help from the government to maintain its independence and in 1985 the foundation received the Nishan – e – Imtiaz from the Government of Pakistan and in recognition of their services the Government of Philippines awarded Abdul and his wife the Magsavay award.

Benazir Bhutto

Title : Pakistani Political Leader/First Female Prime Minister of a Muslim Country

Birthplace : Karachi, Parkistan

Born : 1953 – 2007

Benazir Bhutto was the first woman who became Prime Minister of Pakistan twice and to date the only female prime minister in Pakistan.  Leading the Pakistan Peoples Party,  Bhutto was the eldest kid of former prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.  At the age of 35, she was sworn in as Prime Minister but was removed from office 20 months later.. on grounds of corruption by the then President Ghulam Ishaq Khan.  And again got re elected in 1993 and removed in 1996 on similar charges, but this time by President Farooq Leghari.  She then went on a self imposed exile in Dubai in 1998.

Killed tragically in 2007 after being granted amnesty and all corruption charges withdrawn, it is believed that she was killed because of her participation of the next election in Pakistan .. and that some opposition didn’t want her to be in office.  Definitely a lost to the people of Pakistan, Bhutto had voiced concern over alot of women’s issues including health and discrimination against women.  She had lots of plans but they were unfortunately not achieved due to the fact that the opposition gave her lots of hard time for it.  Bhutto was very much into pro life and spoke alot against abortion.