Ralph Wilson Jr

2Born in 1918,  Mr Wilson, born and raised in Ohio is known for being the biggest philanthropist in 2014.  Even after his death in 2014, Wilson has a foundation that continues to help others and different organization.

Most people would probably remember him as the owner of Buffalo Bills as he played a very important role in bringing the game on national TV ,  that amounted a lot of money as far as I know.  As a founding owner, he was also inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2009.

 But let come back to how generous he is , being one of the top giver even after his death.  I read that the proceeds of the sale of his estate , that held the franchise was used as an endowment for the Ralph C. Wilson Foundation.  This foundation funds many charitable causes in Buffalo and Detroit areas.   These were all set in motion before his death, therefore, he was truly a great philanthropist and had other big causes in mind.

Harold Hamm


Harold Hamm came from humble beginnings and with only a high school diploma, you must be wondering how he became one of the most successful and richest man in USA.  His net worth is $18.7 billion and is the 76th richest man in the world.  I’m sure you and I would like to know how he did it.  Currently 68 years old Mr Hamm is a entrepreneur and best known for his involvement in oil and gas.

Coming from a huge family, his parents were cotton share croppers and only a high school diploma, Mr Hamm worked his way up from pumping gas and car repairs to owning his billion dollar company.  Very impressive right?  how many of us can come from nothing and becoming one of the richest man in the world.  No easy feat and whatever he had been doing or is still doing , I would want to know the secret too. Mr Hamm is also a huge contributor of a diabetic center in Oklahoma as he himself has Type 2 diabetes.  His company is also a major oil distributor/producer.

Cate Nimanya


Cate Nimanya is the Country Director for Water for People in Uganda, born in Uganda and raised there, she was very fortunate that her parents made sure that she gets an education.  Life must have been really hard for Cate and her friends, firstly being a girl in Uganda and secondly the condition for living must not be the best.  I read that Cate had to wake up as early as 5am to collect water first before walking to school at 7am. And in order not to get their uniform dirty, they had to take them out 50 meters away from school because of the filthy toilets.

Life didn’t get any easier for Cate but she did manage to finish university and further her studies in Netherland after which she got married and had a child.  She could have stop and just stayed home but Cate chose to work in the mission to bring clean water to the people of Uganda and even though she has 3 children and a career, Cate is up for any challenges.

Eli Broad


With a net worth of about 5.8 billion , Eli Broad has donated at least half of what he is worth by now.  Mr Broad made his fortunes as a home builder and later investing in the insurance industry but in his later years, rumor has it that he was quite focus only on philanthrophy work and reforming the public education.  His foundation funds medical research and I read that it has given more than half a billion for stem cell research at Harvard and MIT.  A museum in LA  is currently approved to be built by him.

And only last year, he donated about $250K against the recalls of Colorado Senate President and Senator Angela Giron because they supported gun control measures as well as a ban on magazines of 15 rounds and more.  Broad is also known for writing a book called The Art Of Being Unreasonable Lessons In Unconventional Thinking.  Which by the way was a NY Times bestseller in 2012.

George Kaiser


George Kaiser is an American businessman but also one of the biggest giver when it comes to charity.  In 2008, he was listed in BusinessWeek as the #3 top philanthropist and one of the most notable charity /cause is to fighting poverty.  And not just any poverty but childhood poverty and anything to do with children from early childhood education to gifting of gifts to orphanages, he is as they said the champions for the children around the world.  Highly commendable is his commitment to give away half his wealth when he dies to the Giving Pledge.  It is also widely rumored that Mr Kaiser gives anonymously to various charitable organizations.

Multi-Millionaires Sleep Well

I’ve often wonder how the spouse can just jump into bed and sleeps immediately and mostly sleep well.  I’ve always thought that only multi-millionaires sleep well because what have they got to worry about right?  But I’m sure they are able to sleep well because they are people who give back to the society and are as nonchalant as the spouse when they are home and relaxing.  As for myself, I need a good body pillow to be able to sleep well, so I’m always on a look out for body pillow deals  and get some for the entire family.  I go everywhere with my body pillow even when I’m traveling and or need to go away for the weekend.  I don’t need a pillow for the head but a body pillow is a must.  I loved my body pillow so much that I can sleep without the spouse but not without my body pillow.

Which makes me come back to how multi-millionaires sleep?  do they sleep with body pillows too?  or what makes them sleep so well at night. I’m sure that they buy the most expensive and comfortable bed and pillows to sleep on but I’m sure they do worry about their work and businesses as well.  We are not rich but we do live comfortably, we are no multi-millionaires but to some people we do pretty well, and if you ask me if i sleep well at night, or how do i sleep well at night, I have to say, my body pillow does the trick for me.

Dr Tahir

Networth of $805 million – Dr Tahir was named by Forbes as the #26 richest man in Indonesia.  This man has has holdings in a hospital chain and duty free shops but what’s most admirable about him is – he is giving a portion of his wealth to charity and good causes.  I’ve read that he is always thinking of how he can help society and give back to society – now tell me who can be this way – not thinking of himself but others.  Not many of us can do it – I hope that if I ever get rich, I will be like Dr Tahir too but of course, he gives to good causes like building schools and hospitals. One of the more well known causes that Dr Tahir is currently involved in will be the Bill Gates and his wife foundation.  He has committed more than $100 million into this foundation.  And though a millionaire, he still calls his mother everyday to ask how she is doing – a quality that I hope everyone will have.

Dean Gifford

A kind policeman is hard to come by these days but Dean Gifford is more than kind, he is one of those unsung heroes that I’ve been thinking of lately.  Despite his own illness, fighting a brain tumor Dean Gifford was thinking for others who were sick, how selfless was that !  Usually, when I’m sick I just wanna be by myself and want everyone to pity me and pay attention to me – but Dean not only befriended kids in the same hospital as he was, he also made arrangement for police dogs to visit the kids. He had also been sending toys, clothes, medical supplies and other needed donations for the kids in Solomon Island.

At first it started with his friends and co-workers and it extended to asking for help from business owners and bigger companies – asking for donations of toothbrushes, toothpastes and things that the children can use.  Helicopter rides and limousines to Weta with guided tours for the kids.  It’s men like Dean Gifford that makes me want to go out and help the world too.

Roy Bartlett

Roy Bartlett is the co-founder of StarJam and he is one of the many  unsung heroes  that I am writing about in the next few months.  He and his wife is super passionate about helping the unprivileged children and those with disabilities, he helps them through singing, dancing, playing musical instruments.  He strongly believes that these children are magical –  and he spends at least 40 – 50  hrs a week with these kids – with no pay at all.  He loves doing it and is just so passionate about wanting to help.

Starjam was established in 2002 and it has helped so many disabled kids and because of his selflessness, Roy Bartlett was nominated Senior New Zealander of the Year.  Star Jam is not the only organization that Bartlett had been volunteering for the last 30 yrs with the MS Society, the Alzheimer’s Foundation and many other community services.  It’s folks like Roy Bartlett who makes me feel I have to go out there and make a difference too !

Jim Walton

The Walton’s name is no stranger to anyone around the world for Jim Walton is the youngest son of Walmart’s founder Sam Walton.  Last year, Bloomberg named Jim Walton – the world’s 10th richest man and he is also the chairman of Arvest Bank.  This man may not know all about a  vacuum generator  but he owns a chain store that is around the world.  He is publicity shy and we don’t really know much of him except that he is married and has 4 children.  This billionaire, besides the wealth from his family business is also business expert who serves as a chairman of community publisher – a company that works with newspapers