Charice Pempengco

I’ve come across Clarice Pempengco’s youtube videos lately by accident and was so intrigue with her story and success, I feel that I need to write about this 21 yrs old who’ve inspired the world.  Raised by a single mother, the youtube video tells a story of how Charice was discovered after many, many years of enduring hardship and perseverance from both mother and daughter.  They never gave up!  who would have known that this little philipino girl who have such a strong vocal would one day become an international star and travel the world.  Charice who would have never known what any musical instruments  once upon a time can now proudly tell you that she knows everything that is needed to know about becoming a singer, a tv actress and a recording artist. Charice has come a long way from her humble beginnings but she has taught many that if you believed in yourself, nothing is impossible.  Interviewed by Ellen Degeneres, Oprah Winfrey and singing with Celine Dion are a few of the dreams she never taught would have happened if she didn’t preserved.

Henry Sy

Henry Sy is well known in Philippines as one of the richest man in Philippines with a networth of $9.1 billion.  A self-made man – born in China but migrated to Philippines and owns more than 48 malls in Philippines.  Coming from a modest background, you have to envy and wonder how Henry Sy made his first bucket of gold right? At 87, I hear that Henry Sy is still very active and very much involved with SM Foundation that helps the underpriviledged but promising young Filipinos.  Henry Sy owns so many shares and is involved in so many company – it’s no wonder he is the richest man in Philippines.  He had been awarded many awards as well and commended in Forbes magazine for being the Heroes of Philanthropy 2009.

John Gokongwei Jr

John Gokongwei Jr. from the Philippines is of 81  years of age –  founder and chairman emeritus of conglomerate JG Summit Holdings. Announced at his 80th birthday celebration in August 2006 that he was giving half of his shares of the company worth $200 million then  – the Gokongwei Brothers Foundation, which he chairs. That donation is the country’s largest ever and is now funding the first batch of 34 Filipino postgraduates with  China Scholars who are in Beijing for 14 months to study the country’s language and culture.  Not many people can come out to say that they are giving half their fortune – I mean how many can say they will give $100 USD to charity near home?  not many ! the world needs lots of people like John Gokongwei Jr.

Divine Lee

What a unique name right?  Divine Lee – Oh so Divine – so appropriate?  No i don’t know her personally but I was looking for blinds & shades and came across this magazine during one of my work assignment in Philippines.   So instead of looking for unique shades and blinds I was distracted and read up more on Divine Lee – only to end up feeling really proud of this young lady.

You see she is born an heiress but nothing like a spoilt brat in the same league as Paris Hilton but someone who is passionate about fashion and design – not interior design but clothing.  She is passionate about it and someone who believes in hard work and she should know because she worked in the mall when she first started.  Divine reminds me more of Ivana Trump – who once said that she wasn’t going to be an heiress who dance on tables without underwear.   She also takes an active role in her family business and someone with her own voice. Divine Lee looks up to her father and if you don’t know by now is the daughter of Delphin Lee the heiress to real estate giant Globe Asiatique who is also a well known philanthropist.   I wished that more young, rich and famous could be more like Divine Lee – because people look up to them and use them as a model.

Imelda Marcos

Imelda Marcos.. although not someone who really inspires me.. she did helped to change the face of the world .. don’t you think..??  Well… actually it’s her massive collection of shoes.. to be exact that made history. When anyone talks about Imelda Marcos .. the widow of former dictator of Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos.  Together with her shoes .. of 2700 pairs.. there were lots of gowns.. that she had collected.   Known as the steel butterfly..  I often wonder what Imelda Marco’s home looked like to house so many pair of shoes.. and gowns.  Did she have  bed frames made of gold.. like some rumors i’ve heard..??  or was it the toilet bowl..?? that was made of gold..??  But what a sad ending it was for Imelda Marcos eh, even with so much money in the Swiss bank.. one cannot help but feel sorry. .. that she  was in exile till 1996.  She had tried to run for presidency for many years.. but she never won.  Fortunately, for her.. her son and daughter.. is still in their last term in congress, so all is not lost.. for imelda Marcos.