Marie Curie

Did you know that radiotherapy was called ‘currietherapy’ initially?  yes!  can you imagine – if you were to need to get an x-ray – and it’s called currietheraphy – very funny eh – but really not because it was Marie Curie who invented and found the x-ray machine and make it work.  Some may say at that time is a medical step stool but it’s a breakthrough as we all know now – for without that discovery or invention – where would we hae been back in the 1800s and the World War I & II.

Marie Curie is a definite inspirational story because she didn’t come from a rich family – but she worked hard and applied herself well with her husband whom she didn’t think she would have married if not for his persistent pursue of her.  Marie Curie was awarded 2 Nobel Prizes – and died of cancer due to her invention – because of radiation – which many have come to believe now.   But yes – we do owe a lot to Marie Curie don’t we?

Cecilia Krieger

I found  Cecilia Krieger while reading on diets for quick weight loss , yes google does funny things at times.  Cecilia Krieger was born in Poland in 1894 and in 1920, she helped her mother and sisters fled to Canada to escape the persecution of the Jews in Poland.  Supporting herself, she entered the University of Toronto and became the first woman and the third person, to earn a mathematics doctorate at a Canadian University.

She remained at the university first teaching and then as a lecturer in 1930 and finally an assistant professor in both Math and Engineering in 1942.  Married to a Jewish survivor of the Nazi holocaust, she officially retired in 1962 but she did continue teaching at the university till she was into her 80s.

Because of Cecilia, the Canadian Mathematical Society now awards the CMS Krieger-Nelson Prize Lectureship for Distinguished Research by Women in Mathematics in honour of Cecilia Krieger and Evelyn Nelson.