Rosalia Mera

I love women like Rosalia Mera  – she came from my mother’s era – yet she is so strong, smart and successful.  Born in Spain in 1944 – she is one of the richest people in the world – and a woman at that.  She designs gowns and lingerie at home and turned it into a multi billion corporation – now how cool is that?  I’m pretty sure a woman like that has  fixed annuity  and all kinds of investment to ensure not only her own future but those of her children and grandchildren.

Married and divorced to Ortega, another multimillionaire – but that’s another story for another day – she managed to own his company’s stake of 7%.   Mera also owns interest in a cancer research company and a fingerprinting identification kit for infants.  Involved in many charitable organization as well as the film industry. A truly self made success story here – envy and many things to learn from her.


Amancio Ortega

The world’s 7th richest man – with a net worth of $7 billion is a self-made man.  Born in 1936 – to a pair of working class parents a railway worker and a maid for a mother – Amancio Ortega traveled a lot because of his father’s work.  Working as a delivery boy for a shirt company he quickly became the tailor’s assistance and quickly became a store manager in 1960.   Seizing the knowledge he gained from working in this rich man’s store – he quickly opened his own store/factory selling designers clothing but at a lesser price.  In 2001 – he became a billionaire but he was still very low keyed and don’t talk much about his personal life nor share them with the public.  Intriguing story – that helps encourage entrepreneurs that are struggling and just recently opened their own business.

My Ex Boss

My ex boss .. Mr Tsingos is the best boss i ever had .. in my entire working life.  In my short 2 years that i was working for him, i have to say that he treated me with more than a lot of respect but a lot of patience.  Why..?? because i can be quite opinionated and even though he is better at computer store and knows all about system memory and what not.. i still wouldn’t let him win. .when we were arguing.  Plus, he was the most gracious man .. for he never failed to come out from his office.. and admit he was wrong.. when he was. To me.. he was the “biggest” man ever.  I am truly blessed to have worked under him in this life time.