Ingvar Kamprad The Frugal Billionaire


Ingva Kamprad is known for being a a frugal billionaire – some said he is cheap but truth be told he is all about buying quality things at the right price and also he gives generously to good causes.  He doesn’t mind that people calls him cheap, in fact is very proud.  I’m sure he would loved  Peter Glenn  because it’s a brand that he can associate with – good stuff at reasonable rate. The 4th richest man in the world, this man taught his employees to write on 2 side of the paper before they move on to the next.  This 86 years old magnate is still very much active in his business and don’t believed for a minute that he will slow down anytime soon.

Stefan Persson

The richest man in Sweden is no secret to everyone in the entire world because he owns and run H & M the largest retailer in Europe. He single handedly turned this Swedish fashion house into an international name.   Although, H & M was first run by his father, Stefan Persson was the one who was more far-sighted.  Net worth of $26 billion, and has H & M store as far as Singapore. He is also the founder of Mentor Foundation a non profit organization that helps youth with drug problems.  Even though Stefan is so rich, it is well known that he runs his business with a very tight rein on the money department, now if only all billionaires and successful businessmen were like him.


César Ritz

I don’t think I even need to introduce who César Ritz is to everyone for I know you must know the Ritz hotels around the world – and yes, César Ritz  is the legendary hotelier who brings you the Ritz brand of hotels around the world.   César Ritz was the son of a humble farmer born in the 1850s in Switzerland – near the Swiss Alps.  He not only knows about farming – he also was in charge of tending to goats when he was a child until the age of 13 where he started working in a hotel as an apprentice as a waiter.   And even though a guest of the hotel had told him that he would never be a hotelier – guess who was oh so wrong!  The guest had said a hotelier needed special talent and flair and told him straight in his face and not so kindly that he didn’t have it.  Well, César Ritz not only have the flair but he knew exactly what to give to his wealthy customers – therefore The Ritz and The Savoy came about.  The Ritz in London not only served the wealthy but royalty as well.

Claire Bertschinger

I recently read the book Moving Mountains by Claire Bertschinger, a swiss british nurse and an activist and advocate of the people who are still suffering in developing countries.  Known for her work with the International Red Cross and the famine in Ethiopia, Claire Bertschinger is seen in  scrubs on tv feeding children who are sick.  For her work and book – Claire received the Florence Nightingale Medal and the Woman of the Year Award for Human Rights in Nursing Award.  Claire is selfless when it comes to helping these people – as I read her book Moving Mountains – I too am touched and because of her book – I am moved to help others as well.

Birgit Rausing

Dr Birgit Rausing is a Swedish art historian. Together with her three children, she inherited packaging giant Tetra Laval in January 2000 after her husband Gad Rausing’s passing away. As of 2007, her net worth is about $11 billion.   In 1944 her father-in-law founded the company, which revolutionized the packaging of liquids such as juices and milk. Today sales are $15.3 billion. All of her children sit on Tetra Laval’s board; son Jorn is head of mergers and acquisitions. Son Finn is chairman of the board of the Swedish R.R. Institute of Applied Economics. Daughter Kirsten is a horse breeder in the U.K. Birgit lives quietly in Switzerland.


Catchy songs and simple lyrics that everyone can identify with .. is what ABBA was all about.  These group of Swedish origin was a sure hit when i was a kid. And even today, I still love listening to them, even though it has been a long time since they performed or wrote another song.  In fact, they broke up .. and went off their own way.  I love the  heart jewelry that one of the girls wore during a concert I went to .. when i was much younger.

The music of ABBA has been re-arranged into the successful musical Mamma Mia! that has toured worldwide and had a movie version released in July 2008. All four of the former members of ABBA were present at the Stockholm premieres of both the musical (2005) and the film (2008). The film première took place at the Benny Andersson-owned Rival Theatre at Mariatorget, Stockholm on 4 July 2008. A new museum devoted entirely to the pop supergroup was scheduled to open in Stockholm in 2009, but the project was postponed as of September 2008.

Ingvar Kamprad

Ingvar Kamprad is no stranger to the world.  You don’t know him..???  Have you been to Ikea..??  Well, if you  have been to one.. than you have been to his store.  He owns Ikea .. and is the world’s richest retailer and is net worth like $31 million but he wasn’t born with a golden spoon .. for he was born in a farm.

This billionaire had such a good head on his shoulder since young, from selling matches to neighbours on his bike and then going out to find cheap matches and buying them in bulk and then reselling them at low prices to entice his customers and reap profit, I bet he can be selling top diet pills at competitive prices as well.  Of course, he didn’t just sell matches to become rich.. but expanded  his business to selling fish, and just about anything he can make money on.  At 17, when  his father gave him some money for doing good in his studies, he used his money to establish what we have now IKEA.