Martina Hinggis

At the age of 2 Martina started playing tennis – remarkable right?  Born in Slovakia,  she was a professional tennis player till she turned 22 and was number #1 single female tennis player in 1997.  She also won 40 single titles and 36 double titles – very impressive indeed at the age of 22.  Though she had a little set back, Martina was inducted into the International Tennis  Hall of Fame in 2013.

Martina had a long history with tennis starting at the age of 2 and entering tournaments from the age of 4.  She was the youngest player to win in the Grand Slam Junior Title, I am sure she was the envy of a lot of young girls and boys as well as parents.  But she did really trained hard and with parents who are also professional tennis player, you can’t go to wrong with that decision.