Cher Wang

What a modern name for someone in Taiwan right?  yes, born in Taiwan Cher Wang is one of the richest woman there.  Many may not know who Cher Want is but you must know about HTC (High Tech Computer).  The company that makes smart phone.  She and her husband controls the company and we’ve seen how Via Technologies grew in sales and profit within a few short years.  Note that Cher is also the daughter of Taiwan billionaire Y.C. Wang.  Her love of gadget made her who she is and turned her into another billionaire just like her dad.  Educated in Berkeley ,  Cher’s networth is said to be $8.8 billion and as we all can see is a very strong and brave woman despite the lawsuit with Apple and Samsung, she stands united with her husband and strongly believes that she will win.

J.T. Wang

J.T. Wang, 55, CEO of the Taiwanese PC maker Acer Group, is a harbinger of the future. When Wang became top executive in 2005, it ranked fifth in the global PC market. Acer has since stormed up the charts to No. 2, with more than 14% of the market, ahead of Dell and behind only HP.

Wang, who has worked at Acer for 29 years, is winning out with his knack for tapping into consumer trends — jumping headfirst, for example, into the craze for netbooks. “We don’t judge,” Wang once said. “We do what the customer really wants.”

Chen Shu-Chu

Chen Shu-Chu was so poor that she didn’t finish her elementary school but in May this year – this woman was recognized by Times as one of the most generous giver – for the better tomorrow – a good cause.  Chen who is an ordinary woman – with no special skills – but a vegetable seller in Taiwan gave close to US 330K to charitable organization.  Living frugally and being thrifty was how she was able to save up all the money she gave away.  Forbes named her one of the Heroes of Philantrophy.  Chen didn’t want any award for what she did – she just did it out of her heart – she said it wasn’t a contest.    Now if only every one of us has a little bit of generosity of what Chen has – the world will be a better place.

Y.F. Chang

Y. F. Chang from Taiwan is an  80 yrs old –  Chairman of container shipper Evergreen Marine.  He has given $64 million to the poor in the past two decades through his Chang Yung-Fa Foundation. Also funds education, museums and a publication to promote charity. Finances the Evergreen Symphony Orchestra, which last year released a dvd of Taiwanese folk music, “Isle Formosa??here Mountains Meet the Sea.”

Terry Gou

Known to be Asian 10 biggest philanthropist – at 57 runs Hon Hai Precision in Taiwan- also known to be Taiwan’s richest man with a fortune at $5.5 billion – is said to turn over his massive wealth to charity before he dies. His philanthropy focusing mainly on health care – last year alone funded a medical research for $500 million for the Taiwan University.  Wow! right?  $500 million is a lot of money!  for someone with that kind of wealth – i’m sure he uses some good document management software for all his work and personal properties. His company is now the world’s largest contract manufacturer after leapfrogging Flextronics – therefore, I know that a good management software is what he will be needing even if he did not have one now.  Terry is said to be very eligible and receiving lots of attention from hopeful woman around the world.   Busy, busy for this important man! who puts his shares into a trust for his employees bonuses!  I want to come work for Terry Gou too!

Ho Kwon Peng

Ho Kwon Peng is not a  Slingbox but this multi-millionaire is networth about $250 million last year.  And when you think about Ho Kwon Peng – you also think about the Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts.  But having said that – the person who runs the show at  the Banyan Tree is his wife Claire Chang.  But that is another story for another day.   KP as fondly known in the industry also opened his first North Amercan resort in Mexico last year.  He manages 25 resorts and hotels and 68 spas in 23 countries – now that must say something to you eh.  He was born in Hong Kong and studied both in Taiwan and US – attended Standford and was a former journalist.  If this is not an accomplished man than I don’t know who is.   Happily married with 3 children – his wife was once an MP in Singapore as well.

KP has been honoured with Innovation Award ( HICAP, 2003), Travel Personality of the Year (Travel Trade Gazette Travel Awards, 2004), 100 Global Leaders for Tomorrow at the World Economic Forum (2005), and Business Week magazine’s 25 Stars of Asia (2005). He was also bestowed the 2005 Entrepreneurship Award by the London Business School; Lifetime Achievement Award from the Advertising Hall of Fame Awards (2005); Lifestyle, Hospitality & Retail Entrepreneur of the Year from Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award (2006); CEO of the Year at the Singapore Corporate Awards 2008 and Hotelier of the Year at the Stylemaker Awards (2008). In April 2009, KP was the joint recipient of the Hospitality Lifetime Achievement Award at the prestigious China Hotel Investment Summit and most recently, he was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal for his significant contribution to the success of the Singapore Management University .

Chin Ning Chu

Chin Ning Chu was not only an internationally known speaker but also the best selling author of Asian Mind Game and Thick Face, Black Heart – and if you haven’t read The Art of War for Women – you should hurry out and get one now.  She was also a fashion designer who loves  hip hop clothing and has many talents – this woman amazes me.  Unfortunately she died in 2009 after fighting a long battle with cancer  – she was born in China but grew up in Taiwan before migrating to United States.   I loved her books and I loved the way she helped the Americans understand the Asian culture and to negotiate with the Asian businessmen.  She wore so many hats – it was hard to keep up with her.   She was honored woman of the year and named an all time successful writer before her passing.  Truly amazing woman – if only i was half like her.

Sylvia Chang

Title : Actress/Writer/Director

Birthplace : Chiayi, Taiwan

Born : 1953

Sylvia Chang has been in the movie industry for the past 30yrs.. and to say that she is any less extraordinary would be a sin. She had an very creative film career and has become something of a renaissance woman with her accomplishments in the fields of acting first, directly, then writing and producing. Born in 1953, like most brilliant Asian artiste, she started acting really young at the age of 16 in Taiwan and she has gone on to act over 90 films.

She has appeared in many classic films and worked with some of the great directors – King Hu in Legend of the Mountain, Ann Hui in her breakthrough New Wave film – The Secret, Stanley Kwan in Full Moon in New York, Ang Lee’s very popular Eat Drink Man Woman and Tsui Harks favorite film by his own admission – Shanghai Blues. She is perhaps best known to many though as Inspector Nancy Ho in the series of comedies – Aces Go Places. I find her immensely enjoyable to watch whether in comedy or drama. She is not a classical beauty – but the passion and heart felt characterizations she brings along with an impish sense of humor make her a treat in any film.
A few other enjoyable films of hers to see are Eight Taels of Gold, All About Ah Long, The Fun, The Luck and the Tycoon, He Lives by Night and 800 Heroes.
Not satisfied to be strictly in front of the camera, Sylvia has directed and produced a number of films – Mary From Beijing, Passion (for which she also won the Best Actress award) and the recent well received Tempting Heart with Karen Mok, Gigi Leung and Takeshi Keneshiro.  I should add that I also have a CD of her singing that is terrific and i save some of these songs in my flash memory.

Teresa Teng

Title : Singer

Born : 1953 – 1995

Birthplace : Yulin, Taiwan

I too grew up hearing Teresa Teng sing ballads of love songs.. and crooning her way to our hearts .. with very little effort. Teresa Teng enjoyed popularity from the chinese community around asia.. and was very popular in Japan for more than 30 years.

EVeryone remembers Teresa Teng for the romantic ballads and oldies she sang.. and the no nonsense singer.. with not much scandalous news.. was quickly loved by all around her.. and even with very little makeup .. she inspires every woman in asia… that simplicity is best.

Sylvia Chang

Title : Actress/Director/Writer

Birthplace: Taiwan

Born : 1953

I’ve watched Sylvia Chang in movies.. while i was growing up. She was a girl who smiled alot.. and often. I’ve always like Sylvia Chang.. she didn’t have alot of scandal either.. in her 30yrs.. in the film industry.

She has won so many awards.. even I had lost count. She is pretty low profile too.. for someone who had achieved so much.. in such a short time.

Sylvia Chang’s Successes include:

1976 Posterity and Perplexity

Best Supporting Actress

Taiwan Golden Horse Award

1981 My Grandfather

Best Actress

Taiwan Golden Horse Award

1986 Passion

Best Actress

Hong Kong Film Award & Taiwan Golden Horse Award

1995 Siao Yu

Best Film & Best Screenplay

Asia-Pacific Film Festival

1999 Tempting Heart

Best Screenplay & Best Art Direction

Hong Kong Film Award

2002 Forever and Ever

Best Actress

Hong Kong Film Award

These films are only part of Sylvia Chang’s 30 years in the industry. Acting, directing and writing screenplays, Chang has been involved in almost a hundred films. She’s never lost her confidence and enthusiasm for her work. That’s what keeps her fans coming back for more.