Chang Sarah

After watching Sarah Chang in concert , anyone would want to be her and take up violin lessons.  So here I have my young daughter who wants to be the next violin player only to be told that most people end up playing the viola instead.  Yes , there is a huge difference , and a viola player has a small part in a concert of a violin player , they are like filler players we were told by a friend who plays the violin professionally here.

But like any good parents , we went hunting for an instrument for the daughter at  Guitar Center, electric viola  and found quite a few to choose from.   And one can buy a very expensive one or one that fits your budget.    Love shopping online.

Sarah Chang


Any Asian American who is a musician interest me to no end and when I was looking at Musician Friend’s violin bridge   for my daughter , I cannot help but wonder if she is going to be the next Sarah Chang.  Yes wishful thinking but mom can always hope right ?

Born in Philly USA to parents who were also musically inclined a composer and violinist , one can just imagine where she got her genes from eh. But Sarah Chang is a child prodigy when it comes to music and had started to perform as early as 8 yrs old and at 5 yrs old she was accept in the Julliard School of Music.  And any musician or wanna-be musician would know that Julliard is one of the best school to be in if you are serious about pursuing music as a career.

Tony Chi

 tonyI only got to know about Tony Chi when he designed the Ritz Carlton in Singapore and that was about the time I left Singapore and migrated to Canada.  And if you’ve ever been to the Ritz in Singapore, you will know that Tony Chi is not an ordinary interior designer.  Hotels built by him are known as the Tony Chi’s hotel to folks who worked in the hotels before and the Ritz is not only beautiful but very classy.

Inspired by his work, I too stole his idea for some  sliding door for lofts  that we have in Canada , that we were renovating for rental.   This interior designer started designing restaurants and then moved to hotels  in Asia after the stock market crash.  And of course, Asia benefited from his expertise  In fact, Tony Chi started with small jobs like designing a restaurant in a hotel in Jakarta.  And even though he has been awarded into the Hall Of Fame Inductee for Interior Design, in 2009, he still kept his company small, with only 50 employees.  I am inspired by Tony Chi and even though the spouse’s business is doing well, I too am pleased to do it small like Tony Chi.

Buddy Rich

Known as the best top 20 drummers of all times , Buddy Rich was by far in my humble opinion the best of them all.  My son bought his first drum set from  musicians friend drums  after watching Buddy Rich in a concert played to him when he was younger.

Even at the age of one, he could drum with the spoon and it had rhythm.  And at 18 mths, he started playing the drums for real.  He was said to be the youngest child to get paid that high for his performance.  He is super talented because he had no training in how to play the drums and could not read any music but could play the drums perfectly well.

That is pretty amazing to anyone listening to him and he was pretty incredible as far as I can tell.   My son was in awe and I cannot help envy how talented Buddy Rich was.

Jorge Ramos

buddyTimes named Jorge Ramos as one of the 100 most influential people around the world.  Well known for speaking up and for the immigrants , you can count on Jorge Ramos to right the wrong.  Born in Mexico but is an American now , Jorge Ramos is a journalist and author.

One very notable interview he had was with President Obama about immigration.  He confronted him on his broken promises and in the meantime, letting him know because of him, many latino families were put out and broken.

Telling the President that a promise is a promise and that he broke his promise was definitely a very brave thing to do ?  But Jorge Ramos claims that he is not afraid to confront and find out the truth for the people.  My Hero !

Bruno Mars

catsBruno Mars is also known as Peter Hernandez and with a name like Hernandez, you have to know that he must be good at singing and entertainment is in his blood. Being half Puerto Rican and half Filipino from his mother side, he is destined to do well in the music industry.   So everyone knows him by his stage name Bruno Mars and his songs are all very catchy and all easy to remember and to dance to.

It is said that during his earlier career, that his parents met during a performance, her mom being a hula dancer and his father played the percussion and even without recording aids like the  ableton live lite 9  Bruno Mars was all gung -ho to get his music out there.

Bruno Mars was into reggae , hip hop and R&B music and his entire family, even his uncle was a Elvis impersonator.  I guess, you can see where Bruno , the #6 in the family was heading toward even though he was very young then.

Bruno has a third studio album that he is working on right now but what’s most commendable about him is , only 29 years of age, Bruno Mars has already established a scholarship fund to help fund music maker of the next generation.  He also donated $100K to the kids in Bantay Bata, who were victims of Typhoon Haivan, to help them and their families who’ve lost everything in the Typhoon.   And he is very much into anything that says fight poverty in USA.  I truly love artistes like Bruno, who is willing to give back to society when they can afford it, makes me feel like these rich artistes has a heart too.

Jorge Ramos

catsWhen I saw an interview that Jorge Ramos did with times, I wished that our journalist back home and here in Canada would be more like him.  Instead of just reporting what they are fed, I wished they would go out and question/s the information given to them.

Our journalist here in Canada and back home in Singapore are not journalist, yes, they are reporters but no journalist.  A true journalist finds out the true, a true journalist brings the truth to its people and not just report the information that were given to them.  For all those reporters who are doing just that, I say shame on you.  Take a page from Jorge Ramos.

Misty Copeland

catsMisty Copeland represents the very saying that “Dreams are possible in America”  , she is an author, entertainer, and American ballet dancer for American Ballet Theatre, one of the three leading classical ballet companies in the United States.  She is the fourth African-American soloist, and the first in two decades with ABT, where she has endured the cultural pressure associated with this role.  That cannot be an easy ride for Misty Copeland and for that I applaud her for her bravery, strength and her determination.

 Misty was not like the other ballerina and had only started practicing /learning the art of ballet at the age of 13 years old .  And by 15 yrs old, she was already dancing professionally and winning many awards.  It is also said that Misty and her mother had a fierce fight with regards to her guardianship in which both parties ended up letting go of the case.

catsI’m currently reading her book and will talk more about it when I’m done.  Thus far loving her story.

Kanye West


A man / a famous man who doesn’t care about his legacy nor is he in competition with anyone, so he said , during a recent interview.  Kanye does create quite a stir each time he opens his mouth or goes on the internet, he admitted himself.  But he wished that people would not care about race, religion or color but instead remove their pride and make the world a better one.  He doesn’t believed in glorifying himself but is more interested in doing good to others or for others.