Kraisorn Chansiri

With a networth of over $480 Million, he is the founder and chairman of the world’s largest tuna can company.  Chicken of the sea brand is the name of the tuna canned by his company and with many of us eating tuna almost every week, you can expect his company and asserts to grow every year. In my list of self made and coolest people around the world, this man made his wealth on his own and not thru’ connection from the family.

Chaleo Yoovidhya

Chaleo Yoovidhya is one of the coolest self made billionaire in Asia – with an estimated networth of $5 billion when he died earlier this year.   The co-founder of Red Bull the energy drink company – that is very popular with truck drivers and the ordinary workman – it is said that Chaleo loved his cigar and a good  cigar bar.

I’m sure everyone knows that Chaleo was born into a poor family who raised ducks for a living – and Chaleo himself didn’t have a lot of education to begin with.  His first jobs was a salesman – selling antibiotics and he quit his job to start his own pharmaceutical company and the rest is history.  The family also own the rights for importing Ferrari in Thailand, thus making the family and company even richer.

Vichai Raksriaksorn

Known as the King of Duty Free – Vichai is estimated to be worth about $180 million – he not only controls the duty free shops in Thailand but also is the boss of the Leicester Club – a football club in UK.  At 53 years of age, married and with 4 kids, he is also  an avid Polo player and is the President of Ham Polo Club in London.  Rubbing shoulders with royalty around the world is in his daily agenda – so I’ve read and he had won many awards for this contribution to tourism.  It’s not clear how Vichai became this rich – not much about his past had been mentioned.  Nevertheless, I say – he is an inspiration to many out there.

Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi

Charoen made his fortune selling cheap beer and whisky – and his parents were street vendors in Bangkok – now tell me that’s not a wonder!  It’s amazing to hear stories like this isn’t it  – Charoen also owns hotels and tech mall in Bangkok and Manhattan and has a public company plus residential buildings in Singapore.  Those who knows Singapore knows how expensive properties are in Singapore – so he definitely has insight. They called him the self made billionaire in Asia – and has a networth of $14billion – making him one of the richest man in Thailand.  He and his wife is known for the charitable organization they both served on and the donations they made.

William Heinecke

When you are in Thailand and eating in one of his restaurants – Swenson, Burger King or Diary Queen – you have to think of William Heinecke.  Born in USA – but moved to Thailand at 14, he is practically a Thai now – well he does have a thai citizenship and Thailand had been good to him too.  Networth of $425million – this man owns more than a thousand restaurants and 27 hotels in Thailand and throughout the Asia Pacific region. Not bad at all !

But Heinecke was born with a business acumen from young, by writing for a column in Times magazine in Thailand on a weekly basis, he asked only for advertising space in the papers and not a salary.  Heinecke definitely started wheeling and dealing since young – in fact, he started work even before he graduated and the rest is history like they said.  What is most astonishing is he was the Prime Minister’s Foreign investment advisory council – I’m sure it was the Prime Minister in Thailand but still a very, very high honor.  He wrote a book called The Entrepreneur – which i have to remember to pick up a copy – it is in different languages, so anyone out there who wants to be a successful businessman or woman – you better go read it up.

Adam Osborne

Adam Osborne – born in Bangkok Thailand – in 1939 was the first man – to have invented the portable computer.  He is an American but died at the age of 69 in India.  A pretty unique man if you asked me – and smarter than anyone that I’ve read about – this man is a member of Memsa.  Now if I was a technical recruiter having lots of Technical Recruiter Jobs I would hope I find someone like Adam Osborne – because someone like him only comes once in a lifetime.  I wished I was as smart as some people that I so admire – ok – maybe not as smart – but just 10%?

The first ever computer invented by Osborne was 12Kg – and costing less than $2000 USD – in 1981 – so you can imagine – that a lot of rich people would have wanted it then.  In 1981 – I think I haven’t even learned how to use a computer yet – let alone can afford to own one.  His portable computer were shipped out at 10,000 unit per month.  Osborne had the foresight to build computers not for those who is into it for a hobby but for the serious minded – who will use it for our daily lives.  And even though Osborne 1 didn’t make Osborne millions – he didn’t despair for he started writing books about computers – easy to read manuals.   Although, all the above didn’t make him rich – he was nevertheless admired for trying – which also taught me – something about running a business. The Osborne effect after reading it – made me realized that some stuff that I was doing wasn’t right.

Urairat Soimee

We all know how hard it is to be a strong woman in Asia – when you are poor.  Woman in Asia – are put thru’  alot of suffering – a lot of injustice – and if you are a woman in Thailand – the odds are definitely against you if you are poor.  Urairat Soimee is one who was just trying to support herself and her family when she was tricked into the flesh trade in Japan but she was a very strong woman and instead of keeping quiet and going about her life after her imprisonment in Japan for killing her mamasan – she came out to talk about it and became an activist against human trafficking.  Good for her!   Unfortunately for Urairat Soimee – she died young at 38 – she lost her battle with cancer.  The world should have more woman like Urairat Soimee.

Boonchai Bencharongkul

Boonchai Bencharongkul is from Thailand and has a mass wealth of said $210 million – a telecom tycoon who is said to loves farming and helping the needy farmers.  Boonchai’s father who began distributing Motorola radios in Thailand in the 60s had sent him out to Motorola for a special training.  It is no surprise that he became an investor in telecom which Boonchai founded in 1980.  But his company ran into some trouble but was bailed by Norwegian Telecom company Telenor but Boonchai still holds the company stake of 40%.  As we all know, in Thailand – you have the very rich and the poor – there is no middle income family there, so as I read more about the adult acne treatments one can get in Thailand – one cannot help but see the many rich people in Thailand and wonder why there are so much more poor people on the streets in Thailand.