George Harrison

 catsWhen I saw this  Tribute on sale  it reminded me of George Harrison and why my son started playing the guitar.  Yes, he was inspired after seeing George Harrison’s concert in a DVD that he had gotten from a friend for his birthday.  Funny how we get inspired so easily by different people in our lives and want to be like them.  But that was exactly what happened to my kid and from that day on, he was either playing his guitars or buying them or collecting different kind of instruments.

George Harrison may have passed away since 2001 but his legacy still lives on for many generations to come.   Not only was he a musician but also a singer, song writer and a producer for many film before he died.  Best known for his role played as a band member with the Beatles, “Here comes the Sun” that was composed by Harrison is still played a lot today and hummed by many around the world.

P.D. James


Born in 1920, P.D. James was a famous crime novelist.  I read her first novel The Private Patient and thought that P.D. James was a man .  Born in UK, England, P.D. James was actually Phyllis Dorothy James and some of her novels were turned into tv shows in the early 2000.

P.D James was very famous when she died but she had a really hard life when she was young.  Having to leave school early to support her family and then got married and had 2 children but had to return to work when her husband died in 1964.  James began writing in the mid 50s but worked in the civil service till she retired.  I haven’t read all her novels but now I intend to read all of them slowly.

Bob Hoskins


Bob Hoskins most memorable role was in the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, he is the British actor who was nominated for a academy award for his role in Mona Lisa.  Till today, I can still vividly remember some of the movies he was in and he was brilliant at what he did.

Did you know that Bob did not finish school at all ?  in fact, he left schoolk at the age of 15 and he worked as a porter and a window cleaner as well before he went into an accountancy course but dropped out.  I guess he didn’t know his calling then but he did make out alright afterall.

His acting started on stage before he went into television in 1975 and had been in more than 2 dozen after that.  He received an emmy in 2010 and retired in 2011 when he learned that he had Parkinson.  Bob died in April 2014 and he will be missed I’m sure, for he was a truly good actor.

Ellie Simmonds

I sat in front of the tv watching the London 2012 Paralympians with my snackwarehouse for stacy’s pita chips  and cannot helped but admire Ellie Simmonds who came in with a 3rd gold medal this year.  I’m sure you all know that she swam during the Paralympic 2012 in London.  Ellie had been in many of these meet and everyone loved her.  Despite the fact that Ellie has some special needs, she managed to do what you and I could never – when I saw her trying so hard to win the 2012 Paralympics – I cannot help but tell myself how blessed and how courageous she is.

Steven Frayne

Known as the man who can walk on water – I’ve seen the DVD on that show recently myself.  Growing up in a tough Bradford housing, this man did not forget his upbringing at all and in fact tries very hard to give credit to the place he grew up in. Born in 1982,  Steven has Crohn’s Disease  – an intestinal disease that may be the cause of him being so skinny – and almost sickly in most of his show.

At 19 he became so well known he was invited to perform around the globe and in Asia as well.  But Steven didn’t have it made for he was born to a mother who had to raise him on his own for his dad was in jail a lot of his growing up days.    His grandfather who had just passed away was a great influence in his life – he was a pool hustler and taught him things that most dad would have taught a son.  He was the influence of magic in Steven and that was his way out of a violent neighborhood.

Peter Jones

Well known for BBC’s Dragon’s Den – Peter Jones is no stranger to investing in entrepreneurs as he himself was a self  made man.  One has got to wonder if he started all these shows because of himself and his experiences as an entrepreneur himself?   Peter was into many kind of money ventures, in fact, he started young I read – at the age of 16 years old but he wasn’t always successful but he kept at it and now his company is worth like  £220 million I read.  Of course, there must be more to it – and I’m sure he had gone thru’  alot to get where he is right now.

Born in UK, gave tennis lessons when he was a kid and set up his own tennis academy at 16 and married and own his home at 21 – now not many people can say the same for their life at such a young age right?  But you can see – Peter Jones knew exactly what he wanted, not always successful but he did get there – and that’s the most important part right?  Very inspiring to me.

Leslie Hornby

Everyone loves and know who Twiggy is but do you know that she is also called Leslie Hornby?  Yup Twiggy was born Leslie Hornby in 1949.  She is one of the most famous model that I’ve known forever and a skinny one too.  I bet she would have made a good diet pill model for African mango plus – but of course everyone would be asking her – is african mango plus safe? But I guess if Twiggy was taking African Mango plus then or the spokeswoman for them – I would too have bought it immediately.  She was so beautiful and famous, everyone wants to be Twiggy during the 70s.   She was also incredibly successful in films and tvs and everyone wanted to dress like her and be like her. Twiggy is also an avid supporter of animal rights and breast cancer research groups even though she is so busy with her modeling and acting work.  She also started a clothing line in 2006 called the Twiggy Collection – she will always be the famous skinny model to me.

Ringo Starr

My nephew of 10 years of age wanted a drum setafter watching Ringo Starr played his drum in a concert at the Greek.  He wants to be the next Ringo he announced to his parents – in which we all laughed and decided that we should indulge him and buy him a drum set and find him a drum teacher.

So what so great about Ringo Starr we asked him – and this was the 10 years old reply – Ringo Starr is the best drummer in the entire world! and that’s because he is a drummer with the Beatles!  don’t you know that.  And he also sang our favorite songs Octopus’s garden and Yellow Submarine. He was also the voice of the Conductor of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. He was also the best rock drummer on TV and has a perfect tempo and he toured a lot of places because of his drumming skill.

Nick Denton

In 2010, I read an interview at the New Yorker with Nick Denton and he is very interesting – for a blogger like myself, I admire him – yet I question his blogs and the way it brings out information on the web. But who am I to judge Nick Denton right?  Bloggers of Nick were paid $24K a year – which in my opinion not bad at all – I would have loved a steady income too.

But wait a minute – before you go saying – that bloggers are not paid well – listen up – Bloggers of Nick Denton in 2010 were said to make at least $80K a year with benefits.  Now i wouldn’t mind working for him at all – reading halfway thru’ the interview.  And since I know that Gawker Media also owns Gizmodo which I read often – I took more notice of Nick.  Born in UK – studied in Oxford – Nick is now based in USA.  At the age of 45 – Nick is in the most rich list – rumored to be worth $290 million.  Wow! right?  so yes – in 2010 – i looked at Nick Denton differently and I follow his career – for those bloggers out there – take a page from Nick Denton – if you want to be wealthy like him.