01Dutch born DJ named by Forbes as the most paid DJs in the entire world making up to $22 million !  And I’m sure a lot of young men and women are inspired by it and wants to get all the  dj equipment speakers  that he is using and learn all the trades that he might have.

Born in Netherland in 1969, Tiesto founded the label Black Hole Recordings, voted world’s #1 DJ , he is well known for the remixed of John Legend song – All of me at the Grammy’s.  I don’t think he is ever married but there was an engagement that was broken.

Shirin Ebadi

Shirin Ebadi is the defender of Human Rights – woman like her make me humble – because they do so much but ask so little in recognition.  A Nobel Prize Winner for her efforts and the first few who believed in human rights, democracy for women, children and refugee rights – Shirin Ebadi was a lawyer and Judge in Iran but currently lives in England.

Being a woman in Iran is not easy by itself – and she was a judge then – therefore that must be at least 100 times harder  – for she was also speaking out and writing about the injustice to certain people.  After reading all that she had gone thru’ and how she was an exile in Canada – I believed that she is a very strong woman with strength that no ordinary person can do what she did.

Margaret Yvonne Middleton

Title : Dancer/Singer/Actress

Birthplace : Vancouver, BC

Born :  1922 – 2007

Named the most beautiful gal in the world in 1944, i am pretty sure no one will dispute that at that time. She was certainly gorgeous by any standard.  She is not only beautiful, she dances, sing and even speak French.. but that’s no surprised being a Canadian.  But i wonder if she spoke Acadian French or Quebec French..??   She became the first hollywood actress to star abroad in a foreign language film in 1954.  Retired in 1955 .. and had more than 75 movies under her belt.  I admired her.. because she must have had a hard time. .during those days.. to get so many awards.

Americommerce Shopping Cart Software

A while back when we had split the old website into a separate blog and an online store, we didn’t realize what we were getting into when it came to the store part. The shopping cart software we chose was pretty easy to set up and add products to. Since I already have a regular brick and mortar store, sharing the same inventory with an online store is quite a hassle. It wouldn’t be so bad if we were only dealing with new products that we can re-order at any time, but a lot of our business is the buying and selling of used items. Keeping the online store up to date is very time consuming in this manner.

Americommerce offers a very attractive ecommerce website software package that’s easy to use and has more features than you can shake a stick at. You can manage your online business, customize, build and analyze multiple online stores from one very easy to use management console. What i love most is their one page checkout that is very customer friendly.